Cycling Helps Boost Your Immune System

Cycling Helps Boost Your Immune System

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With all the fears of COVID-19 some people may tend to lock themselves in a room for the next year or so. When it comes down to being healthy, people should certainly keep exercising and eating healthy. In fact, physical activity can boost your immune system.

Head outdoors

If you’re nervous about the gym, exercising outdoors would “dramatically reduce any chance” of getting the virus, simply because you’re around fewer people.

Go for a run, hike or a ride on your recumbent trike. Plus, research has shown that exercise in nature boosts your cognitive functioning and decreases anxiety.

Coronavirus could cause bike delays — even for brands that don’t make bikes in China

Even if a manufacturer makes most of their parts in America, it’s still likely one or two parts is coming from overseas. Bike and trike makers, with factories in Taiwan, China, and different parts of Asia — is warning customers of possible shipment delays due to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China. The situation in China could lead directly to delays in production even at factories in other nations.

San Jose Location - Central CaliforniaAt Laid Back Cycles we have a good stock to keep us going for the next 90-days. We will be keeping a close eye on stock levels and make sure we try to have plenty in stock for the 2020 cycling year.

Laid Back Cycles is EXPANDING

With the high demand for recumbent trikes and having specialized fit specialist, we have decided to add more stores to serve our customers. We just did a soft opening this week at our NEW Bay Area store located at 2546 Seaboard Ave., San Jose CA 95131. If you’re in the area come by and say hi to Josh and Hunter who are excited to serve the Bay Area and Central Coast cycling community.

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