How to Transport Your Recumbent Trike

How to Transport Your Recumbent Trike

How to Transport Your Recumbent Trike


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Laid Back Mickey here, and today we are going over how to transport your trike. I have a long wheelbase so it's a longer trike. They make short wheelbase and long wheelbase trikes. This is a long wheelbase trike that we're going to fit into three vehicles. We are going to fit the trike into a truck, an SUV, and a small little hatchback. So, let's check it out.

Okay, first we got our truck. You could fit in most trucks two trikes, even up to three if they're folding trikes. I could probably fit four if I tried. But I fit three easily in my truck. All you do is lift the trike and bring it up in your truck. Trikes weigh, without a motor, about 35 pounds. Once you add a motor on it’ll weigh about 17 more pounds. They also make cool ramps that you could use to roll up the trike if you don't want to lift it up. All you do is you roll it in, put it sideways, and close your truck. So, that's the quick way.

My truck is a five-foot bed, but you could also use a six-foot bed to hold more. You could fit two trikes without a problem, but one is really quick. Let's check out the SUV. How do you load it in the SUV? Now this is a folding trike but I’m going to put it in a small SUV without folding it. Let's check it out.

Okay, now we're going to use the SUV to put our long wheelbase 559 Catrike in there. The first thing you want to do is make sure you fold down your rear car seats. The front crank will go in between the two car seats. Don't be surprised if it's next to your arm while you're driving. I’ve never had a problem with it. It fits nicely without folding it. You could fold it to make it smaller, but let's put it in without having to fold it. So, we just go ahead and lift it up, we turn it around, and we roll it on in. Make sure that you lock your brakes. So, I first squeeze and then I push it in. And that's how you put your 559 in your SUV.

Okay so now we're onto the smallest car, the little hatchback right behind me here. What we got to do first is we fold up our folding trikes. We also have a video on how to fold and unfold this Catrike. Okay now that we have it folded let's go ahead and try to put it in this small little hatchback. Here you want to make sure you fold down your seats, clear out any junk that you have, and because you're going to need all the extra space. So, we want to go ahead grab it here grab it by the rear wheel. You come in and you dive down in here and then you put it in the back. There you go. So that's how you get it in a small hatchback, an SUV, and a truck. There's also bike racks that you could put it on that will go on a receiver hitch or on the back of your vehicle. So yeah, you can transport your trike in many different ways.

Laid Back Mickey here, thanks for watching the video. If you like the video go ahead and like it below, if you want to see more subscribe, and if you have any comments or questions go ahead and put those below and we will be sure to answer those and we'll see you on the next video.

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