Recumbent Trike Maintenance

Bike mechanic working on rear hub of TerraTrike Tandem Pro

Recumbent Trike Maintenance

Riding a recumbent tricycle from Laid Back Cycles means improved health, mobility, and exercise, among other benefits. Taking care of our bodies through exercise is so important for overall health. Triking is the solution that we love most! Once you have a trike, the journey to improving your health, staying active, and having loads of fun begins. After putting mileage on your trike, it’s important that you’re also taking care of the thing that is keeping you in motion. 

Maintenance on bicycles or tricycles can often be an overlooked factor. If you want your recumbent trike to continue to work and perform in the short and long term, maintenance is necessary. 

Mechanic spinning pedals of a Catrike eCAT

What needs maintenance?

Chain – Your chain needs regular lubrication and cleaning based on the environment you’re riding in (dry, wet, etc.).

Bolts – Every bolt is torqued to spec when the trike is built, but over time bolts can loosen. They need to be torqued correctly for safety and functionality.

Cables: Brakes and Shifters – After the initial break-in period, cables will slowly and slightly stretch which can cause inaccuracy in the brakes and shifters.

Tires – The road will wear down your tires after time. You may need to replace tubes or tires altogether once they’re worn down.

Trike builder putting together a Catrike without a seat cover

Two types of maintenance:

In Shop – We offer a free 90-day tuneup so that we can make sure your trike is in great shape after the initial break-in period. Subsequent services should be done every 6-12 months afterward. Bringing your trike in for service is a great way to increase the longevity of your trike and ensure safety, functionality, and performance.

DIY – There are small things that you should do to ensure you get the most out of your trike. To learn what those things are, watch our Recumbent Trike Maintenance Workshop here!

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