We’re The #1 Recumbent Dealer On The West Coast….

We’re The #1 Recumbent Dealer On The West Coast….

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….. and soon to be in the USA!

Every trike is customized to you using our fit-systemLaid Back Cycles is a recumbent trike shop and we are focused on helping people have the freedom to ride. Our technicians are the best in the industry. We’ve worked with hundreds if not thousands of clients over the years to help fit the trike to you.

What people don’t realize is that the most important part about selling a trike is not the trike itself, it’s actually the fit, and at laid Back Cycles we have the fit down to a science. We go through a multi-step fit system. One of the advantages about a trike over a bike is that upper body, lower body, arm reach, and even back lean angle are adjusted individually.

One of the nicer things we do is we don’t just sell trike, we try to also give back to the community. We offer workshops, community rides and socials.

Here at Laid Back Cycles, since we specialize in trikes, we also specialize in adaptability. The biggest benefit to a recumbent trike is with three points of contact the balance is taken cared of for you. When we do our professional fit, we customize it completely to the individual. Whatever pain you would normally have riding a two-wheeled bike,  a recumbent trike can help you ride with ease and ride with comfort.

Recumbent Trikes Shop Sacramento, San Jose, Knoxville and Floral CityCome down to Laid Back Cycles. We are the top dealer for Catrike, TerraTrike and Greenspeed on the West coast. And soon we will be expanding into new locations in Knoxville TN, San Jose CA, and Floral City FL giving you even more places to stop by and take a test ride.

We give you the freedom to ride. Come down and take a test ride.

See you on the trail!

4  Locations

(Delivery Available Upon Request)

Northern California

8137 Sunset Ave
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 619-1003

Central California

2546 Seaboard Ave.
San Jose CA 95131

Central Florida

Floral City Location
Now Hiring!
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Knoxville Location
Now Hiring!
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