Magnum BW (Big Wheel)

Greater Stability with Big Wheels

The Magnum BW with it’s Big Wheel and longer wheel base is even more stable at high speed than the Magnum SD.

For people who want even larger wheels than 26”, the Magnum BW frame has been built to accept a 29 inch rear wheel. Plus the rear forks are wide enough to accept a 4 inch wide tire, and 4” wide wheels may be fitted, with 20 x 4 on the front, and 24 x 4 on the rear, for use on sand.

Virtual Suspension for Comfort

The Magnum BW has what is known as virtual suspension. 1st there are the tires. The Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tires chosen for the Magnum BW are made in both 20” and 26” giving matching tires front and back, and some say the 26” rear wheel results in a better ride. Then the frame is designed to flex, and finally the seat is laced with shock cord, so that it gives a measure of suspension.

Performance Efficient & Fast

It is not much use having a comfortable trike if it performs like a slug. A trike should be a joy to ride and reward you for every pedal stroke. In fact, not only should a recumbent trike be more comfortable than an upright bike, it should be more efficient and faster, due to better aerodynamics. This is where the Magnum shines.

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Big Wheel and Gearing

The large 26” rear wheel of the Magnum BW has a number of advantages over the 20” of the Magnum SD. Instead of needing the special 52/42/30 crankset of the Magnum SD, the Magnum BW uses the standard Shimano Sora 50/39/30 crankset so replacements will be easy to get.. Finally, the larger rear wheel just LOOKS better than having the same size wheels all round.

Power Assist Option

Laid Back Cycles been fitting all kinds of power assist options to our trikes for years. The LBC350 electric power assist option is reliable as our trikes. Plus, we’ve worked with our motor manufacturer to have a clean design and fit to our trikes.

Superb Steering System

The Magnum BW uses the GreenSpeed “Cross Over” steering system, for easy and superior control, and unlike conventional “indirect” steering systems, which have a larger turning circle, the Magnum BW has a tiny turning circle for its size, making it extremely maneuverable.

Strong, Light, Folding Frame

The Magnum SD/XL/BW is a new frame design from GreenSpeed. Similar to the rectangular section main tube used on the Anura for many years, the new Magnum main tube is both stronger and stiffer than the round tube used on the early Magnums. And to make further gains in strength and stiffness we have eliminated the welds in the main tube and the cross member, by making the front main tube in one piece, and cross member also in one piece, and curved so that it comes closer to the seat to enable the rider to mount and dismount easier.

Yet another feature of the new Magnum frames, is the ability to change frame sizes. The standard frame will take riders with an X-seam from 40 to 50 inches, or from about 5’ 3” to about 6’ 6” in height. However, as the boom clamp is an external clamp, rather than part of the frame, the main tube can be shortened as much as 4” to allow riders with an X-seam as small as 36 inches or about 4’ 9” in height.

So, now at last you can have your cake, and eat it too! A 26” rear wheeled trike with the legendary GreenSpeed road holding and handling! The Magnum BW is available in usual the Magnum colors, Metallic Burgundy, Metallic Blue, and Yellow.

The best news is that the price is only $3,490 USD. The 1st initial Magnum BW shipment has now landed, so if you are interested, please order online or call our store for more details.