TerraTrike Maverick E-Assist

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Experience cycling freedom on the Maverick plus the Bosch Boost Kit to elevate your ride with electric assist. [Comes Fully-Integrated & Installed]

Key Benefits:
<li>Enhanced Power and Speed</li>
<li>Seamless Integration</li>
<li>Intuitive Controls</li>
<li>Comfortable Ergonomics</li>


The new wide seat with fixed seat mount provides riders with a firm and comfortable riding position. The versatile Maverick makes it easy to upgrade to the TerraTrike hybrid steering stack and the boom stub tube allows one to easily add a front derailleur.

The new weight-reducing, round tube Hi-ten steel frame uses the tried and proven Rambler frame design and has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. It provides easy access for getting on and off of the trike and produces a very predictable riding experience. Like its predecessors, the Maverick is the perfect leisure riding trike.

The Maverick is available as an external 8 speed and includes the direct drivetrain for a quiet ride, as well as a wide steel frame seat, and custom TerraTrike wheels with Schwalbe tires.


Experience the convenience of on-demand assistance with TerraTrike's Boost Kit featuring the Bosch Mid Drive. This innovative kit empowers riders to effortlessly conquer hills, maintain a consistent pace on longer rides, and extend their overall range.

Equipped with the acclaimed Bosch Active Line Plus Motor, this award-winning drive unit delivers smooth acceleration up to 20mph. The Bosch system represents cutting-edge drive technology, offering riders a spectrum of built-in power assistance levels.

Take command of your ride using the Bosch Purion Controller, providing access to various riding modes:

Off: Turn off the system for a traditional unassisted pedal experience.
ECO: Enjoy a light 40% assistance for gentle trail support.
Tour: Ramp up assistance to 100%, ideal for extensive touring trips.
Sport: Elevate power to 180% assistance for conquering hills and challenging terrain.
Turbo: Unleash maximum assistance at 270%, providing an unparalleled boost.

Embark on extended journeys with confidence, thanks to the Bosch PowerPack battery. This lithium-ion, 400Wh battery boasts maximum energy density in a compact size. Conveniently charge the PowerPack battery on the trike or easily remove it for charging purposes, ensuring you always have the power you need for your adventures.

Note: Each accessory requires varying levels of installation - some as easy as connecting velcro, others requiring tools and adjustments. Accessories can be brand or model specific.

Don't hesitate to send a message, email, or give us a call if you have any questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for the common questions our customers have.


  • TerraTrike seat pad wide front

    TerraTrike Seat Pad - Wide

  • TerraTrike-Versa-Bars-C two bars with right side view and left side view

    TerraTrike VersaBars

  • TerraTrike head rest on white background

    TerraTrike Headrest

  • TerraTrike Teardrop Flag on white background with all flag color options displayed in top right corner

    Teardrop Flag

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Elevate Your Ride with Electric Assist

Unleash the full potential of your TerraTrike Maverick with the Boost Kit. Feel the rush of increased speed and power as you cruise through various terrains effortlessly.

Same Great Maverick, Now with a Boost

Experience the ergonomic design of the TerraTrike Maverick, offering a comfortable and supportive riding position. The Boost Kit enhances your overall riding experience without compromising on comfort.

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