NEW Greenspeed Lineup

A quick overview on six Greenspeeds, including the Hand Cycle, Magnum, Magnum XL, GT26, GT20 and Aero.

Grab Handles for Recumbent Trikes

How two Versa Bars (for left and right handles) are designed to help riders enter and exit their recumbents easily.

Terratrike Sportster X16 with BionX Review

TerraTrike Sportster X16 fitted with BionX and custom mounting bracket to center the battery for better performance.

Terratrike Gran Tourismo Review

Is Gran Tourismo the BEST Production Trike for Everyday Triker? It is sporty, comfortable & gives riders the Freedom to Ride.

Top 10 Facts About the New Terratrike EVO

Watch this video from LBC where we reveal the top 10 things you should know about Terratrike EVO.

Recumbent Trike Workshop at LBC CA

James at Laid Back Cycles in a workshop on how to maintain and repair your recumbent trike on road.

Terratrike EVO Electric Power Assist Trike

Laid Back Cycles has the NEW TerraTrike Rambler with Electric Vehicle Option (or “E.V.O.”, for short).

Clip-In Shoes & Pedals for Safe Recumbent Ride

Scott talking about the benefits of clip-in-shoes and pedals for recumbent trike riders. Safety is the key, never compromise.

How to Program the Cateye Padrone Bike Computer!

James, master technician at LBC Sacramento guides trike riders about programming Cateye Padrone Bike Computer.

Recumbent Trike Rides – Northern California

Join Laid Back Cycles crew and participate in our quarterly rides happening in Northern California.

Catrike Road AR – Full Suspension

The ALL NEW Catrike Road AR Full Suspension recumbent trike is available at Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento.

Catrike Trail Frame – Moon Rock Silver

A small video to show you the beautiful and sturdy Catrike Trail Frame in Moon Rock Silver Color available at LBC.

Catrike 700 Frame – Lava Red

Watch this short video of Catrike 700 Lava Red Frame, made by Laid Back Cycles at their Sacramento recumbent store.

Catrike Expedition Frame

Watch this quick video shot by LBC to get a first hand view of Catrike Expedition frame.

Terratrike Rover – Fits in a Prius

Watch this short video (shot at Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento) to see how well a Terratrike Rover fits in a Pius.

Catrike 559 Frame – New Fire Fly Yellow

Watch this stunning new Fire Fly Yellow frame for Catrike 559, available at Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento

New Owners – Catrike Recumbent Trikes

Watch this video to see how happy are these 2 news customers after their Catrike purchase at Laid Back Cycles, Sacramento.

Mrs. Rolanda – Catrike Trail with BionX

Mrs. Rolanda, Mr. Gary’s better half showing you her Catrike Folding Trail with Bionx pedal assist.

Riding Trike After Knee Replacement

Watch how Mr. Gary rides his Catrike Dumont fitted with Bionx pedal assist after his knee replacement surgery.

Do Not Ride Out Instantly from Your Trike

In this short YouTube video, Mr. Terry demonstrates how to not ride out of your recumbent trike. Please do not try at home.

Tricked Out Custom Catrike 559

Mr. Terry has built a custom Catrike 559 with 2017 front mount Bionx pedal assist. Watch this video to see the possibilities you have with customised trikes in Sacramento.

Greenspeed Magnum Hand Trike

Chris test riding a Greenspeed Magnum Hand Trike in our huge parking lot at Laid Back Cycles in California.

Catrike Dumont – Ice Blue

This is a quick look video at the Catrike Dumont in the limited edition Ice Blue Colorway, ready at Laid Back Cycles.

Greenspeed Aero – Test Ride – Initial Review

This is a detailed look initial review video of the GreenSpeed Aero at Laid Back Cycles.

New Owner – Catrike 559 – Atomic Orange

This is a client test riding his brand new Catrike 559 for the first time after custom fitting it to him. Congratulations Ron!!