Catrike Dumont


Catrike Dumont is an all-new folding, fully suspended Catrike with a 26″ rear wheel. The silky-smooth riding characteristics and responsive handling makes it the perfect choice for any excursion. The Catrike team has applied the last 16 years of engineering excellence in manufacturing three wheeled trikes. The rear suspension features a highly progressive travel path combined with a custom spring rate and sophisticated damping for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

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The laid-back rider position and fully adjustable boom of the Dumont provides stable weight distribution, which provides maximum performance. The ergonomic backrest is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. A 26-inch rear wheel and folding feature, round out the Dumont to provide the ultimate ride. With the suspension, padded and adjustable seat you will be able to ride in comfort and with ease. You can add the LBC350 Electric Assist Motor to ride further, get up those big hills and not worry about getting to your destination.

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Atomic Orange, Candy Purple, Electric Blue, Eon Green, Firefly Yellow, Lava Red, Liquid Black, Moon Rock Silver


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