Greenspeed Aero with Wheel Covers


Greenspeed Aero (With Wheel Covers)

Greenspeed Aero has been designed to satisfy the “Need for Speed”. The Aero design builds on the best features of previous GreenSpeed trikes, including the SLR race trike which has dominated Australian Pedal Prix racing for the last ten years.

Greenspeed Aero is a road version of the SLR, with more speed features to make it the fastest production trike in the world.

You’ll love the speed and flexability of the light weight 7005 aluminum alloy frame. GS reduced the weight of the frame by over 3 pounds, over the Cro Mo 4130 prototypes. Greenspeeds weight of the special Scorcher tires has been reduced just for the Aero. Thus you will notice how quickly the Aero accelerates with the first stroke of the pedals.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.

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