Aero without Wheel Covers


The Aero has been designed to satisfy the “Need for Speed”. The design builds on the best features of previous GreenSpeed trikes, including the SLR race trike which has dominated Australian Pedal Prix racing for the last ten years.

Greenspeed Aero is built for speed, with no compromises, it is intended for use on sealed roads or good, hard packed trails.

Have your dreams come true with the new innovative design.The trike appeals to Recumbent Trike Riders who have previously ridden only recumbent bikes, due to their superior speed, but wished for a more stable machine.  Now you can relax on over long distances, without losing speed.

The designers have taken another look at the design of the Scorchers and managed to further improve the rolling resistance by an extra 15 percent. When you stop pedaling and coast, you will be surprised at how easily it rolls.

While weight has less of an effect on performance than aerodynamics, every aspect of Greenspeed Aero has been examined for weight reduction. The frame is non-folding, plus the seat frame is an integral part of the main frame so the weight of hinges and other joints and fasteners are eliminated. Moreover, the frames are mutually re-enforcing, and thus the whole structure can be lighter and more aerodynamic.

There is a myth in the cycling world that the larger the wheel, the easier it will roll. This is a carryover from the horse and carriage days, when the larger wheels would sink less into soft ground and a larger steel tired cartwheel would roll easier over a certain size stone. This changed forever with the advent of sealed roads and the pneumatic tire.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.

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