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The GreenSpeed Aunra is designed for riders who may have problems getting in and out of the low seats on most tadpole (two front wheels, one rear wheel) trikes. The seat on the Anura is as high or higher than most kitchen chairs, at 18” from the ground, plus there is no cross member in front of the seat, or wheels to the side. Thus it is very easy to mount and dismount.

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The Greenspeed Anura Quad is a quad tricycle rather than a tricycle. While the narrowness of the Anura is very handy for getting through tight places, some people wanted more stability. So how to make it more stable while still retaining the narrow width and the high seat? Answer – add a wheel!

The problem with adding a wheel to a tadpole trike is that on uneven ground one of the rear wheels will leave the ground, so if there is only one wheel drive, or two wheel drive with a differential, you will suddenly have no traction! And if you use two clutches, turning will be compromised.

However with the Anura, thanks to the superior weight distribution, both drive wheels stay firmly on the ground, if a front wheel lifts, the other wheel seamlessly takes over the steering duties of both front wheels. After all, at this point it is just becoming a trike again! The Quad is achieved by changing the trike front frame for a Quad front frame, so it can be retro fitted to an existing Anura trike, and one could even have a trike or quad just by changing the front ends.

Standard gearing on Quad is the 9 speed 11-28 cassette. However this could be upgraded with an 11/34 cassette or a Schumpf Drive.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.

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