Greenspeed Anura SL


The GreenSpeed Aunra is designed for riders who may have problems getting in and out of the low seats on most tadpole (two front wheels, one rear wheel) trikes. The seat on the Anura is as high or higher than most kitchen chairs, at 18” from the ground, plus there is no cross member in front of the seat, or wheels to the side. Thus it is very easy to mount and dismount.

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The Greenspeed Anura SL has the Schumpf Speed Drive instead of the triple crankset. This is a two speed bottom bracket which does away with the front derailleur and derailleur post, making the front of the trike a lot cleaner and easier to mount. There is less overlap of gears with 18 possible gear combinations giving a range from 21 to 87 inches with 13 individual gears. This system only needs a short cage rear derailleur, giving 3” of ground clearance with the standard wheels. Another advantage of this system is that the Schumpf can be changed while stationary, so that if you have had to stop suddenly without time to wind down the derailleur gears, you can just hit the Schumpf button, and it will drop the equivalent of 4 derailleur gears to enable an easy take off from rest.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.

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