GreenSpeed Magnum BW


Greenspeed Magnum BW which is a strong lightweight recumbent trike.

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Now available for 2021, the Greenspeed Magnum BW which is a strong lightweight recumbent trike.

The BW Big Wheel 26″ rear wheel for more ground clearance. The front wheels pop-off quickly to make it the smallest folding trike on the market. The cambered wheels gives it performance and allows it to easily fit through smaller gateways. This trike will fit riders up to 350 lbs, but is a good fit for most any rider.

Retailing at $3290 for the standard 20″ or $3,490 for the BW 26″, the new Magnum trike builds on our very successful Magnum which was launched in 2012, and has been our best seller since then.

The 2021 Magnum comes in two sizes, the SD which is the same size as the original Magnum, and the XL, which is the largest production trike in the world, built to accommodate riders up to 7 foot in height and weighing up to 450 lbs.

It retains the unique features of the earlier Magnum which made it so popular, the seat height and angle adjustment, plus the press-button quick release on the front wheels, plus the on road and off road capabilities. However, to strengthen the frame over the earlier Magnum, we are using a rectangular section main tube, 1st used on the Anura introduced in 2006, and recently on the GT20, introduced in 2016.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 82 × 30 in


  1. Jen

    My husband and I both have one. We have amazing long journeys on them. Fantastic. We live in Australia.
    Greenspeed Magnum from Down Under

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