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The GT20 is a new Greenspeed trike which is exceptionally easy to ride. Introduced at the 2015 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati, four different riders claimed it was the best trike at the show, and the guy who bought the 1st prototype, claimed he could climb hills in two gears higher than he could on his other 4 trikes.

Greenspeed GT20 is a new recumbent trike which is exceptionally easy to ride. GT20 was introduced at the 2015 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati. Four different riders claimed it was the best trike at the show. Moreover, the guy who bought its first prototype has claimed that he could climb hills in two gears higher than what he could do with his other 4 trikes.

 This recumbent trike is a carefully engineered with light weight frame and low rolling resistance tires. Its efficient drive train gives exceptional performance, which make this recumbent trike a real joy to ride, for commuting, touring or just exercising and having fun.

GT20 Overview

The Greenspeed GT20 trike is exceptionally easy to ride. A carefully engineered, light weight frame, low rolling resistance tires, and an efficient drive train, give exceptional performance. This trike is a real joy to ride, for commuting, touring or just exercising and having fun.

Introduced at the world-renowned Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati, many different riders claimed it was the best trike at the show. One rider quoted “I can climb hills in two gears higher than I my other trikes”.

The GT20 is designed as a light touring trike. Thus it is ideal for light touring, commuting, and recreational riding. With an overall width of just 31” it is able to fit through standard doorways.

Because of the versatile adjustments in the seat, the leg length, and the handle bars, it is also very adaptable for people with special needs. It is also ideal for lighter people, as at a 250 lbs rider weight limit, it is not over built and heavy.

Comfort Virtual Suspension

The major reason for most people buying a recumbent is for more comfort that you get on the small saddle of an ordinary bike. A number of trikes are now offering mechanical suspension, but this inevitably adds weight, which you feel at the first stroke of the pedals, and labor with up the hills. Whereas the GT20 has what is known as virtual suspension.

Our virtual suspension is accomplished through 3 key factors. Our own design Scorcher tires, a frame designed to flex, and finally the seat is laced with shock cord, so that it gives a measure of suspension.

The seat was designed by a chiropractor, so that it provides both lumbar and shoulder support. The seat adjusts for height, so that if you have difficulty getting in and out of a low seat, you can start with the seat high, and then as you get fitter, and/or lose weight.

Also, you can lower the seat, and take advantage of the better stability you get with a lower center of gravity. For further enhanced comfort, the seat is adjustable for angle which helps if you have back. Another key feature is the handle bars are adjustable for width, angle, and fore and aft.

Performance Efficient & Fast

It is not much use having a really comfortable trike if it performs like a slug. A trike should be a joy to ride and reward you for every pedal stroke. In fact, not only should a recumbent trike be more comfortable than an upright bike, it should be more efficient and faster, due to better aerodynamics. This is where the GT20 shines.

The GT20 uses 20” wheels, with gearing that it is BOTH fast and smooth. Finally, there is the Scorcher tires. The Greenspeed Scorcher tires with improved rolling resistance and designed for comfort.

Maneuverable Steering

Some trikes use what they call direct steering, in which the handle bars are merely extensions of the kingpins. The GT 20 uses the Greenspeed “Cross Over” steering system, for easy and superior control, and unlike conventional “indirect” steering systems, which have a larger turning circle, the GT20 has a tiny turning circle, making it extremely maneuverable.

Folding Frame

The GT20 is a completely new frame design from Greenspeed. We are using the rectangular cross section main tube which is stronger and lighter than the round tubing. The frame is hinged so that rear half can be folded over the front half to reduce the size enough to fit in the trunk of a car.


The standard frame will take riders from about 5’ 3” to about 6’ 5” in height. However, as the boom clamp is an external clamp, rather than part of the frame, the main tube can be shortened as much as 6” to allow riders with an X-seam as small as 35 inches or about 4’ 6” in height.

Enjoy a Greenspeed GT20 recumbent trike at Laid Back Cycles in Sacramento, California.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.


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