Magnum BW (Big Wheel)


Way back in 1990, the very first GreenSpeed trikes were built with 26” rear wheels. However we discovered that using a 20” rear wheel had a large number of advantages. Not only was the wheel itself lighter, stronger, and stiffer, but it also fed lower stresses into the frame under cornering, so the whole frame could be made smaller and lighter, giving compounding weight savings. Plus the whole machine could be made more compact, and the performance improved. However we pondered why the trike with the smaller back wheel was faster when conventional wisdom said the larger wheels rolled easier. Thus we tested a large number of different sized wheels, and were surprised to find that at the same section size, same tire construction, and same pressure, the smaller diameter tires rolled easier! Plus we found that not only did wider tires also roll easier, but the type of tire construction played a far larger role in the comfort of the ride, than the diameter of the tires.

The Magnum BW (Big Wheel) has a 26” rear wheel which improves the look of the Magnum, and keeps the rear derailleur and chain higher for off road use. It has been available since

June. The best news is that the price is only $3,490 USD. The 1st initial Magnum BW shipment has now landed, so if you are interested, please order online or call our store for more details.

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