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The new 2017 Magnum trike builds on our very successful Magnum which was launched in 2012, and has been our best seller since then. The 2017 Magnum comes in two sizes, the SD which is the same size as the original Magnum, and the XL, which is the largest production trike in the world, built to accommodate riders up to 7 foot in height and weighing up to 450 lbs.

Greenspeed Magnum XL breaks the mold in trike design! Why agonize between the choice of a high seat for off road, or a low seat for on road? The Magnum give you all the features you need in a recumbent trike to meet your needs. Plus get the feel of suspension without the extra price.

Most Versatile Trike Ever Built.

The Greenspeed Magnum XL builds on the successful Magnum which was launched in 2012 and has been a best seller since then.

The original Magnum is in use by riders from as small as 100 lbs to as large as 400 lbs. And the Magnum XL will suit riders from 150 lbs to 450 lbs.

The Magnum comes in two sizes, the SD which is the same size as the original Magnum, and the XL, which is the largest production trike on the market. Its built to accommodate riders up to 7 foot in height and weighing up to 450 lbs.

Completely Adjustable

The seat adjusts high or low to make it easy to get in and out of. Plus, when you lower the seat it gives you a lower center of gravity that attributes to better performance. You can choose the angle adjustment of the seat fore and aft to find the most comfortable riding position.

Performs Well On Road and Off Road

To further enhance the ride, the Magnum uses the 2 inch wide Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tires. Get a soft ride over bumps and rough terrain without much increase in rolling resistance.

The Magnum is one of the few trikes that performs well on road and off road. It has a strong rectangular section main tube which is both stronger and lighter than the round tubing used on the original Magnum.

The cross member is curved like the GT20, to allow the riders to stand closer to the seat, for easier entry and exit.

Comfort & Lumbar Support

One of the secrets of the Magnum’s superior ride is the seat. While it may not look fancy, one ride is all you need to experience GreenSpeed comfort. Firstly, the seat was designed by a chiropractor, so that it has both proper lumbar and shoulder support.

The wider seat of the XL further enhances the comfort brought about by the careful design of the seat, tires, and frame

The seat mesh is laced to the frame by shock cord, so not only does the seat conform to your back, it also provides “virtual suspension” to insulate you from road shock. The seat is made of an open mesh outdoor long-lasting material, to provide ventilation and cooling to the back.

GS Crossover Steering

The GreenSpeed “Crossover” steering was invented by GreenSpeed to provide easier and more intuitive steering control. Unlike “indirect” trike steering, the GS Crossover steering provides superior compensation, and a smaller turning circle.

GreenSpeeds crossover steering improves stability without making the trike wider, to counteract tire distortion while cornering. It also reduces rolling resistance in the turns. On tight turns the steering geometry changes the camber of the inside wheel from negative to positive, again to reduce rolling resistance and tire scrub in the turns.

Folding Frame for Storage and Transport

Whether folding sounds like something you may use or not, it’s there when you need it. Like the previous Magnums, the XL and SD have a seat adjustable for both height and recline with quick release levers, which also allow the seat to be quickly and easily removed so that the frame can be folded for storage or transport.

GreenSpeed Gearing

The Magnum comes as standard with a nine speed 11/34 cassette and a 52/42/30 crankset, giving a combination of 27 speeds and gear range from 18 to 95 inches. This will be adequate for most rider to get up most any hill or go fast on the trails. If you are looking for some extra help or power, check out the LBC350 Electric Power assist which fits on any Greenspeed.


We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.

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