TerraTrike Rover n330


The Rover has introduced more people to trike riding than any other recumbent trike on the market! TerraTrike’s most popular model, the Rover, has built its following by providing excellent reliability and usability, as well as a starting price lower than almost any other trike on the market.

Seamless simplicity. The Rover n330 combines our award-winning Rover platform with one of the most intuitive and streamlined shifting hubs on the market – n330. The n330 hub uses a continuously variable shifting system to give the rider minute control over the ride of their trike. It is a zero maintenance, zero leahttps://www.terratrike.com/product-category/trikes/rover/rning curve, zero intimidation hub that makes trike riding a blast.

There is no derailleur or fixed gears to worry about, and it doesn’t matter if you are pedaling or not to shift. All the rider has to do is twist the shifter on their handlebar, and the hub seamlessly increases or decreases the gearing immediately to what feels best for the rider. The gearing range goes low enough to tackle tough hills and high enough to satisfy the need for speed.

The Rover n330 features the same higher seat height, adjustability, and 400 pound weight limit as the other Rovers in our line up. In addition, the Rover n330 comes with a sleek cobalt blue paint job and black rims and spokes making it one of our sharpest dressed trikes by far. For anyone, young or old, beginner or seasoned, the Rover NuVinci is the perfect solution for a worry-free triking experience.

What are the Benefits of the Terratrike Rover n330?

No Maintenance Required

Since the whole mechanism is self-contained, no maintenance or adjustments are necessary.  The controller is right on the handlebars where you would expect it to be.

The Right Gear Every Time

Its easy, encounter a change in terrain, you have an unlimited range controlled by the turn of a dial. A big hill? Turn up the “volume” and n330 will adjust accordingly.

Changing Gears When Stopped

With a regular bike derailleur you need to plan to be starting in the proper gear from a stop. Since the Terratrike Rover n330 lets you switch gears while you are stopped, there is no need to plan ahead of a stop or struggle through a start in the wrong gear. Just turn the dial to the gear you need, whether you are zipping along or completely still.

Silent Running

You know that grinding, clink-clank noise you get when you switch gears on a regular bike? With the Rover n330 you will not experience that. It’s smooth, quiet as a whisper, and it just works!

New Riders Rejoice

If you’re new to triking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the n330 eliminates the learning curve of shifting gears correctly. It’s as simple as adjusting a volume dial.

We ship fully assembled TerraTrike’s in the US.

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