TerraTrike Rover Tandem w/o IPS


TerraTrike tandems are a safe and easy way to enjoy riding with another person. Each of our tandems is designed to meet the needs of different riding styles, and are well suited to accommodate nearly any pair of riders.

Complete TerraTrike Rover Tandem w/o IPS

Consisting of a standard Rover i8 Internal Hub along with the tandem attachment.

Independent Pedaling System, or IPS, allows the stoker and driver of your tandem to pedal at different cadences. In fact, one person could do all the work if they wanted! This set up is perfect for couples whose activity or experience levels are different, and allows for riders of all types. Pair up and enjoy a comfortable ride together.

This is a trike for the masses, and the masses demanded a no-nonsense, high quality ride. The Rover is designed with a higher seat for better visibility and safety. It has a turning radius that is tighter than most uprights, and layman-friendly adjustments and assembly for easy transportation.

The Rover has revolutionized the triking industry! It made it easier for people to enjoy the fun of riding in comfort. Use it for everyday commuting, riding around town, cruising the bike trails, or for a quick run to the coffee shop.

Terratrike has designed the Rover so that all of our custom accessories fit, assuring compatibility with your other trikes or with upgraded components.

Already Have a Rover?

The Rover single also converts to a tandem. The tandem attachment quickly changes your standard Rover into a Tricycle-built-for-two! Simply disconnect the rear section of your trike and add the new tandem attachment, a new included front chain and you are ready to ride!

We ship fully assembled TerraTrike’s in the US.

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TT800043, TT800227


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