Grab Handles – Versa Bars


Grab Handles help riders enter and exit the trike.

Designed to help riders enter and exit their trike more easily, the Versa Bars are a simple and effective solution. The bars mount easily to the existing handlebar tubes on any of our current TerraTrikes. Ask our shop tech about fitting them on Catrikes and Greenspeeds direct steering models.  There are two Versa Bars (for the left and right handles) included per package. Call if you have any questions: (916) 619-1003

  • Design helps riders enter and exit the trike
  • Side mounts offer standard bottle cage spacing
  • Bars accommodate computer, phone and light mounts
  • Provides an alternate hand position for increased comfort

1 review for Grab Handles – Versa Bars

  1. James Miller

    Worthy Upgrade! April 30, 2017
    Reviewer: James Miller from Fruitland, ID United States

    Had pondered these for mounting space more so than accessibility, which it offers both.

    Did upgrade, no regrets!

    The initial intention was to add more mounting space to the handlebars. Having two water bottles on either side was an elation. Also made getting in and out of the Rover oh so much easier! Me, I pull myself forward and grab the pedals to lift myself out. Have at times lifted myself straight up in the beginning. To get in, lock the brakes and grab hold the Versa Bars to gently lower your body into the trike. Easy peasy.

    Have mounted a Mirracycle mirror on each Versa Bar (end) which elevates the mirror height to allow easy viewing.

    Gave me an option to mount a cycle computer on the bars themselves, and a headlamp on each side, and a Joby Cycle GripMount Pro to hold a smartphone.

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