TerraTrike’s New Tour II Recumbent Trike

By March 27, 2012 January 9th, 2020 Recumbent Trike, Tour II Reviews

TerraTrike’s New Tour II Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike’s New Tour II recumbent trike is a combo of The Path, Cruiser and Tour all into one. The basic design has been around for a decade but has had a few updates.

The Tour II steering linkage has been changed to improve the trike’s turning radius. It’s comes with a chromoly steel frame and has the same comfortable mesh seat that comes on all TerraTrike models. TerraTrike offers it with 3 boom choices with the most popular being medium and large. The new sliding seat mount makes sizing adjustments easier than previous models.

The Tour II comes in three different specs starting with a 8-speed model, 24 speed Base model and capping out with the Pro Model.

The Tour II Base Model 24-speed MicroShift drivetrain and Bengal disc brakes all worked impressively.

TerraTrike comes with 40 psi tires that provide a comfortable ride but some riders may want a faster higher pressure tire such as the Schwable Marathon’s as an option.

The Tour II comes in a bright yellow color which provide a nice sporty feel as well as good visibility.

A much needed and appreciated change to the Tour II’s is the steering linkage to allow a tighter turning radius. The Tour is great for cruising or touring which comes from combining the best of their past models.

A few of TerraTrike accessories you may want to go with your Tour II are racks, fenders, seat bags, panniers, flags and a host of other add-on that will make your ride fun, safe and more enjoyable. Laid Back Cycles also offers a wide variety of other accessories that will work with the Tour II.

The Tour II comes in a 20” wheel or 26”, I prefer the 20 for a better low end gearing which will help you get up hills easier. If you are looking for a trike with a 26” rear wheel I recommend looking at the TerraTrike Sportster.


Highs – Very comfortable, Great performance for the price.
Lows – Could benefit from higher pressure tires for faster speeds
MSRP – $1599 – $1799
More Info – LBC Recumbents Shop Sacramento

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