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Navigating The Choices…

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Apps for cyclists

Want to map your trike ride or track your progress? Read on!
There are a wide variety of smartphone apps available for today’s cyclists, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. Here is an overview of some of them, de- fined by categories, and a brief description of each. Some of the apps are free and some have a purchase or subscription fee. Use the link at the bottom of the article to get more details about these apps.

Navigation Only:

  • MAPS.ME – Features very detailed offline maps. Free.
  • Google Maps – The quality of routes is great for this very popular app. Free.

Tracking & Navigation:

  • Strava – #1 workout tracker for any kind of workout. Strava has a huge community of engaged and contributing members. Free and premium versions.
  • Map My Ride – A great application for cyclists, with similiar functions as Strava. Free and premium versions.
  • Bike Citizens – Local city guides (450 cities worldwide) with tracking and navigation. First region is free, extras are paid.


  • ViewRanger – For outdoor cyclists who want excellent detailed maps.Topo maps available for Canada. Free. Detailed maps have fees.
  • Komoot – Helps you plan outdoor adventures. Offline maps plus turn-by-turn navigaiton. Integrates with other tracking apps. First region is free, more regions can be purchased in-app.

Computer Apps:

  • Bike Computer – Provides real-time data about your ride. Free & premium versions.
  • Cyclemeter – Provides very detailed data (graphs and maps) about your ride. Free plus in-app option to upgrade to Elite version.


First Aid by British Red Cross – Complete instructions to perform first aid. Free. • Bike Doctor – Bike maintenance and repairs app. Detailed videos. $4.99

Relive – Create a great looking video of your ride by uploading data from track- ing devices and apps. Free.

This article was exerpted from a 2018 blog post. is a web resource that aims to be ‘your go-to guide for everything cycling related’. Read the entire article:

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