The Complete Guide to Recumbent Trikes

Overview of Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent Trikes are designed to allow anyone to cycle while relieving many pains that occur with traditional bicycles.

> Who are recumbent trikes good for?
> Are recumbent trikes good exercise?
> Are recumbent trikes safe?
> Are recumbent trikes difficult to ride?
> Why should you get an electric-assist trike?

Purchasing a Recumbent Trike

Buying a recumbent trike has never been so easy!

> Why do recumbent trikes cost more than regular bicycles?
> How do you choose a recumbent trike?

Owning a Recumbent Trike

Once you own a trike, what are some of the next steps?

> How do I maintain and service my trike?

Laid Back Cycles' Buying Guide and Catalog


Buy No Trike... Until You've Seen The Trike Buyers Guide! We will help you in selecting the perfect recumbent trike for your needs. This handy catalog will guide through the different models available and their benefits and features. Once you’ve decided on the right model for you, we will build it and have it ready for you in a snap for pick-up or delivery.