The one that is right for you.  We carry many options to choose from, so that you can find the trike that puts the biggest smile on your face, as possible. Whether its seat height, seat comfort, ergonomics, gearing, or electric motor, we carry as many options as we do so that we can find the trike that meets your biggest needs and desires. That way it will help you enjoy your experience ride after ride, and keep you motivated to get outside and exploring the great outdoors all while maintaining your fitness goals.

There are several differences that can factor into your decision making. The smaller diameter wheel will help the gearing ratio for making hill climbing easier but will limit the top speed that you are able to achieve. The larger wheel will make climbing hills a little tougher than the small wheel, but will make it easier to achieve and maintain a higher top speed. The longer spokes of the wheel will also absorb some of the vibrations of the road, making the ride a bit smoother. Tread wear will also last longer on a larger wheel.

Trikes come in all sorts of sizes  and designs. Many of those designs can be to accommodate different body types. Most of the trikes will accommodate up to 275 lbs. but there are some that can carry much more, if needed. So no matter the situation, there is probably a trike for you. 


You can order just by giving us a call! Visit our Ordering page for more details.

Using a recumbent trike

Most small SUVs can fit a trike just fine. If the trike folds, it can fit into almost any vehicle! There are different ramps and racks to help transportation as well. Check out a video we made on this topic.

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