Older couple sitting on recumbent trikes on an American River riverbank


We care about your new TerraTrike as much as you do! TerraTrike takes pride in the fact that they make a vehicle that doesn’t create air, noise, or sight pollution. TerraTrike products are healthy for people in that they promote exercise, build strength, and relieve stress.



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TerraTrike E.V.O.
Sale price$5,100.00

TerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the E.V.O., is powered by the powerful Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper-quiet motor capable of 65Nm of torque, this system is wickedly fun.

TerraTrike Rambler
Sale price$2,150.00
1 review

This second-generation Rambler is destined to become a TerraTrike best seller.

TerraTrike Gran Tourismo
Sale price$2,450.00
1 review

The Gran Tourismo is alluringly sophisticated with exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine.

TerraTrike Maverick
Sale price$1,599.00
1 review

Experience cycling freedom on the Maverick, an entry level trike that packs a lot of features.

TerraTrike GTS
Sale price$3,500.00
1 review

Grand Touring In Aluminum Excellence. The GTS (Gran Tourismo Sport) perfectly meshes comfort with performance, giving riders a sporting experience.

TerraTrike All Terrain
Sale price$2,750.00
1 review

The All Terrain is rugged enough to take you off the beaten path… WAY off the beaten path!

TerraTrike Charge
Sale price$3,350.00

Take charge and harness the potential of electric assist without sacrificing quality or your wallet.

TerraTrike Spyder
Sale price$4,200.00

Designed for performance, the Spyder is stiffer and aerodynamic where it needs to be for acceleration and sustained speed, and yet compliant for comfort.

The 9 Crucial Steps to Buying a Recumbent Trike That Most Bike Shops Won't Tell You


This Buying Guide Will Help You:

- Better understand the trike buying process
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More About TerraTrike

If you're looking for high-quality recumbent tadpole tricycles that can take you over a wide range of terrains, TerraTrike may be the answer you've been looking for. The TerraTrike brand is manufactured by WizWheelz Inc. and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With models like the Maverick, Rambler, Rogue, and Spyder, it's easy to see why the TerraTrike is so popular amongst both experienced and inexperienced recumbent trike riders.

The makers of TerraTrike are fully aware that they make a vehicle that has zero impact on the environment, makes no noise and is safe for people of all ages. TerraTrike also offers a handful of different tandem recumbent trikes, so you can pair up with a loved one or close friend to experience everything these exciting products have to offer together. If you've been thinking of purchasing a recumbent tricycle, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't consider TerraTrike as part of the decision-making process. If your goal is to find a safe, rugged, comfortable, and versatile recumbent trike that enhances your lifestyle and gives you the freedom you want, then TerraTrike should be near the top of the list.

Older couple happily riding their recumbent trikes alongside the American River

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