Two men riding Greenspeed recumbent trikes over the American River


On the heels of constructing his first trike out of metal scraps, Ian Sims founded GreenSpeed trikes in 1990. Through ceaseless innovation, GreenSpeed quickly became recognized for its quality and remains a resolute leader in the world of recumbent trikes.



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GreenSpeed GT26
Sale price$3,050.00

A Light trike with classic looks, the GT26 features all of the top engineering you’d expect from GreenSpeed, while adding a 26” rear wheel.

GreenSpeed GT20 RS
Sale price$3,550.00

Built off the elegantly designed GT20, the GT20-RS adds rear suspension to the frame. This allows for greater shock absorption, giving your adventure even more stability and comfort.

GreenSpeed Magnum
Sale price$3,350.00
3 reviews

Breaking the mold with superior design, the Magnum is the #1 trike for both on and off-road. Features such as the adjustable seat and incredibly sturdy frame make it ideal for commuting and touring.

GreenSpeed Magnum XL
Sale price$3,650.00
2 reviews

Carrying over the same great features of the Magnum, the XL offers a bigger frame for riders in need of a larger platform. The XL is ideal for on and off-road riding, and can accommodate riders up to 450lbs.

GreenSpeed GT20
Sale price$2,850.00

The GT20 is a leaner, meaner machine designed for a multitude of purposes. From grand touring or commuting, to brisk joy rides, the expertly engineered GT20 is a perfect three-wheeled adventure.

GreenSpeed Magnum BW
Sale price$3,650.00

The Magnum Big Wheel features a 26” rear wheel, giving the rider more ground clearance, while still providing all the classic features of the Magnum. The BW also provides easy exit & entry by being higher off the ground.

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More About Greenspeed

Greenspeed is a brand of recumbent trikes that was founded by Ian Sims in 1990. Ian built his first trike out of scraps of metal, but after creating Greenspeed, there was a period of never-ending innovation that led to Greenspeed being recognized as one of the leaders in recumbent trikes for quality and comfort. One particularly exciting innovation is the Greenspeed Magnum folding recumbent trike that has an adjustable height and angle seat that folds, making it stand out from many other brands on the market.

Some of the other innovations that Greenspeed has brought to the market include the first hand-cranked recumbent trike in 1992, the first dual-mode trike in 1993, pioneering the first 20-inch rear wheel in 1994, and the first tandem recumbent trike in 1995. The fact that the team at Greenspeed continues to innovate and look for ways to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone makes them a great choice when looking for your next recumbent trike. It's no secret that there can be a wide gap between different brands when it comes to quality, and if you want to ensure that you get a high-quality product with features that will make your recumbent trike experience as enjoyable as possible, then Greenspeed may be exactly what you need.

Older couple happily riding their recumbent trikes alongside the American River

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