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AirZound Safety Air Horn
Sale price$54.95

World’s loudest bike horn. Suitable for any mountain bike, hybrid bike, eBike, road bike or children’s bike, easily install the Airzound on any handlebar with 22-26mm diameter.

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Cateye Padrone Speedometer with Back Light - Black
Cateye Padrone Speedometer with Back Light - Black
Sale price$34.70 Regular price$44.99

The sleek Padrone is easy to use and read with a very wide display.

Catrike 5.5.9
Sale price$3,750.00
3 reviews

The innovative Catrike 5.5.9 is a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Catrike 700
Sale price$3,950.00
2 reviews

The 700 is designed to be fast and efficient. A low, aerodynamic body position and lightweight vertebrae-spaceframe put the rider it the perfect position to generate power and speed.

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Catrike 700 Arkel Bag Set
Catrike 700 Arkel Bag Set
Sale price$150.00

These bags are specifically made for the Catrike 700. They are sold as sets and fit snuggly on the trike. No rack is necessary!

Catrike Adjustable Neck/Head Rest
Sale price$125.00
4 reviews

The Catrike Adjustable Neck/Head Rest is a wonderful addition to a Catrike for comfort. Rest your head back and relax with this fully adjustable neck rest.

Catrike Assist Bar Pair
Sale price$199.99
1 review

We do a lot of work with folks needing special assistance when they ride their Catrikes. We try our best to make that experience as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Catrike Chain Tensioner (Gobbler)
Sale price$180.00

Catrike Chain Tensioner allows you to move the boom while automatically compensating for the change in chain length. Ideal for those who wish to share a trike.

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