NEW! Electric Trikes With Throttle

NEW! Electric Trikes With Throttle

Check out the custom Terratrike Maverick 3VO electric assist recumbent trike by Laid Back Cycles. We offer custom electric power assist motor kits for all our current trike models. Want to go further and improve your cardio?

This is a great solution for anyone looking for mobility, safety, and stability. It features both Pedal Assistance and a Throttle, so you can pedal as much as you want, get up to 5 levels of assist, or press the thumb throttle to give extra power when needed or hold it to get back home if needed.

More Range, More Fun

Go the extra mile with LBC’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large semi-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your trike. With short charge times and up to 40 miles of range for your average rider, you can ride and explore more, and spend less time worrying about when to head back home.

It’s one of the best electric adult trikes for the price we have tested to date. There’s a level of quality that is apparent in the frame design, choice of drive systems, and accessories that set it apart.

Want Help Choosing The Right Trike?

Our team of friendly trike experts are available 5 days a week. We will help you pick the perfect trike that’s comfortable and easy to ride. If you have any questions about regular or electric trikes we are here for you.

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