Ride Your Recumbent Trike Indoors | SportCrafters Trike Trainer/Roller

Ride Your Recumbent Trike Indoors | SportCrafters Trike Trainer/Roller

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Video Transcript

Laid Back Mickey here, and today we are going over the Sports Crafter roller trainer. For any reason that you don’t want to go out and ride, like maybe it is raining or snowing outside. Or maybe you just want to get a good 15-20 min ride in your house or your garage. All you would need to do is take the Sports Crafter roller trainer, lift up your rear wheel, put it under the wheel, and get on your trike and start pedaling. You can also shift still, so here I am changing it and now it’s getting easier. You have a couple different settings on that rear trainer where you can actually make it easier or harder by switching it around. The Sports Crafter roller trainer has a magnetic resistance to the rollers, so it will ramp up and make it harder. It is a great way to get a workout. Maybe you have appointments that morning, but you don’t want to miss your training. So, if you don’t want to get all set up for a long ride and you just want a quick little training, the roller trainers are great for that. Maybe you are doing rehab and you do not want to get far away from the house, the roller trainer is good for that as well. It’s just a great all around indoor workout. With your recumbent trike, you can work out indoors and then you can take off and work out outside.

This is Laid back Mickey, thank you for watching this video. Remember, you can pick up the Sports Crafter roller trainer on our website LaidBackCycles.com. We ship nationwide so you can get one of these Sports Crafter roller trainers delivered to your front door! Laid Back Mickey out!

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