Tackling The COVID-19 Outbreak With Trikes!

Tackling The COVID-19 Outbreak With Trikes!

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Even doing just a few minutes of exercise every day can improve brain function, reverse the effects of aging in the heart, and may even improve your memory. Exercise can also be a boon to mental health. But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you may not want to hit the crowded gym?

How To Exercise Safely

Exercising outside or in your home allows for social distancing, and you can still get your fit fix for the day. Experts suggest that folks try running or cycling outside, rather than take an organized class inside a studio.

At Laid Back Cycles we provide multiple ways to exercise while keeping your safe social distance and still have fun. You can join one of our local rides, we can ship a trike anywhere in the nation if you don’t want to go out in public, or we can ship you a trike training to do your workout in your home.

Our advice to stay fit and healthy is to get outdoors where you have great ventilation and a nice cross breeze.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to get out of the house at all, but the benefits of exercise are undeniable.

Cycling on a stable, easy to ride recumbent trike or some form of exercise is good because it boosts your immune system, plus it is a good instinct to want to continue working out.

Sportcrafters Trike Trainer MR110The new MagTrainer from SportCrafters is the best way to train indoors. It is quieter than any traditional fan resistance trainer on the market. As the drum spins about the magnets built in to the rear roller, they create resistance through eddy currents. This provides just the right amount of resistance for training indoors while reading a good book or watching your favorite TV show!

FREE SHIPPING on trikes* (Extended till March 31st, 2020)

Want to save over $300 on your trike purchase? We are waiving the shipping cost, regularly $299 and up, on our most popular trikes to anywhere in the lower 48 states for our March Madness Sale.

Our professional trike fitters will help set your trike up so that when it arrives fully assembled at your door, it is ready to ride in comfort and with ease.

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