The MAIN Types of Recumbent Trikes Right NOW - 2022 & Beyond

The MAIN Types of Recumbent Trikes Right NOW - 2022 & Beyond

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Video Transcript

Laid-Back Mickey here and today we are going to go over the different types of trikes out there. There are three main types and one of those is for you, so stay tuned until the end because you will want to find out which one is the right one for you.

Let’s start with leisure. So, leisure trikes are a great way for the everyday rider to get out and ride in comfort. They are easy to get in and out of because they are usually a little higher trike. It’s something that anybody could use. A lot of people want something that you could just step into and most trikes are usually the height of a dining room chair. They are easy to get in and out of and also you want it to be easy to shift. They also have leisure trikes where you can do auto shifting or only have a limited number of gears. You could also get leisure trikes nowadays with motors that make the ride even more leisurely. But believe it or not, motors actually help you get better exercise because you can go farther at a faster pace. Most people want to use it on the bike trail or just cruising around their neighborhood to get some exercise and have some fun.

So, after leisure the next type of trike is touring. What is a touring trike? They are great for when you want to take a little longer tour or take a longer ride. When you take a longer ride you are going to want some more gears. You will want the gears for the hills, the flats, to go faster, and maybe if you want a longer ride to stretch out the trike and make it a better fit. Maybe you want suspension like this Dumont trike which has full suspension. What it does is it takes those road vibrations, and it gets rid of them for the most part and it makes your ride super comfortable. So, a touring trike is generally going to have more gears and is going to be lower to the ground. It is lower to the ground, so the wind blows over it nicely. People ask, “If it is low to the ground will people be able to see me?” And that is why in the trike world we use bright flags and rear blinker lights. Also, because trikes are wider than most bikes it gives them a more visible effect when cars come behind you. Make sure to use those safety features. With a touring trike you could go 10, to 20, to 100 miles and still be comfortable. Touring trikes are a great way to go and it is what most people end up with because they want a versatile trike. If touring is what most people go with and leisure is something that anyone can start with then what is the next one?

The next one is a performance trike. If you want a great way to go fast and furious then you will want to get a performance trike. The difference between a leisure trike, a touring trike, and now a performance trike is that the performance trike is going to be lower to the ground so that the air flows over it easier. This will make the trike faster and it will have other high-end components. You are going to find higher-end components like carbon fiber, cranks, and other things that are of high quality and performance on a performance trike. With this type of trike, you are going to want to go faster and you will want something lighter that you are not dragging up a hill, but instead you are flying up the hill. Performance trikes are not for everybody, but hey, maybe you are a rode rider right now and you are asking, “Are trikes going to be cool enough for me” or “Are they going to be fast enough for me” and “Are they going to be light enough for me?” If you are asking these questions, then the performance trikes will probably be perfect for you.

Now that you have learned about the three different types of trikes, you may want to know which brand is right for me? Or how do I go about choosing the right trike and the right brand? Watch these videos to learn more.

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