The Purpose Driven Ride

The Purpose Driven Ride

The Purpose Driven Ride


100 Mile Trike Ride Benefitting Disabled Veterans

Reprinted from TerraTrike “Trailhead”

In late September 2016, Ben Jones and Phil Pletcher of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, set out on a 1000 mile trike ride to raise funds for disabled veterans. Ben, who owns the Dogwood Junction Bike Shop in Siloam Springs, partnered with the Arkansas Freedom Fund to help coordinate the fundraising efforts.

TerraTrike donated a Sportster x30 for Ben to ride, and Phil rode his TerraTrike Tour II. The ride was named the ‘Freedom Fund’ ride, and the goal was to ride to the TerraTrike headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along the way Ben and Phil stopped to speak with various groups, raising awareness and funds for veterans with disabilities.

The guys took lots of photos and posted their progress along the way. They rode bike trails whenever available, but many parts of the ride were on roads, including a stretch on the iconic ‘Route 66’. In spite of some nasty weather, strong winds and pouring rain, they made steady progress. On October 10, a beautiful autumn day, the long journey came to an end as they rode into the TerraTrike headquarters! Sunburned and smiling, they were happy to have accomplished their goal – riding 1000 miles in just two weeks time! Both said it was an amazing trip and they shared some great stories of their adventure. Congratulations Ben and Phil, and thanks for all your efforts!

All of the funds raised from the ‘Freedom Fund’ ride will benefit the Arkansas soldiers and veterans with disabilities, helping them gain mobility and freedom on recumbent trikes. The TerraTrike Sportster x30 that Ben rode was auctioned off and the funds raised went towards the Freedom Fund. Ben Jones and the Dogwood Junction Bike Shop have already helped many veterans regain their mobility with recumbent trikes, and he has witnessed first hand the many benefits and improved health that trikes can provide.

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