Top Smartphone Apps For Cyclists And Trike Riders

Top Smartphone Apps For Cyclists And Trike Riders


Everywhere you look nowadays people are using their smartphones. It is so amazing to see how many different things you can do over your phone. Make a call, find the closest gas station, play a game, deposit money into your bank account, video chat with a friend around the world and so much more!

It is not a surprise that there are some really fantastic smartphone apps which are perfect for people who love to cycle! The below apps are just a handful of what is available to cyclists and trike riders to use for free!

Map my ride apps for recumbent riders

Map My Ride To Track, Record And Analyze Ride Statistics

Map My Ride is a great smartphone app for cyclists and trike riders who are looking to get detailed information about their rides. The app keeps track of things like distance, speed, elevation and a detailed route.

All of this data can then be uploaded to the Map My Ride website for detailed analysis and sharing with other users.

This mobile app was one of the original route recorders and it continues to improve and evolve. The standard version of this app is free with an advanced version starting at just $2.99.

You can record your workout details. It includes speed, distance,  elevation, duration, calories burned, pace and route traveled. You can save as well as upload your entire workout data to MapMyRide. Later, you can view the saved route workout data and also the workout history.

Map My Ride is available for iPhone and Android mobiles.

Limited support BlackBerry app is also available on BlackBerry World.

Weather apps to help trike riders

Weather Apps To Plan Your Trike Rides

There are so many different mobile apps in this category that we couldn’t select just one!

From a simple 5 day forecast to a full blown live radar the possibilities are endless. A few of the most popular weather mobile apps are –

All those popular weather apps have a free standard version.

No matter where you are cycling or triking, it is always a good idea to take a look at the weather before you go, or during your trip if you are out for a long ride.

After all, no one likes getting stuck out in a storm they weren’t expecting!

First Aid App for Cyclists

St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists And Trike Riders

While we hope that this is one mobile app that you will never need, it’s still a good app to keep handy on your phone.

This smartphone app is filled with step-by-step instructions to guide you through first aid treatment for a wide range of common cycling-related injuries, allowing you to be prepared to treat yourself or others roadside.

St. John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists app contains first aid advice, which is prepared by the combined efforts of their Cycle Response unit and medically trained experts.

This helpful mobile app also contains some great advice from experts who use specially adapted bikes on accident scenes. With these handy tips, you can easily turn your cycling equipment into first aid instruments.

Android Download

iOS Download

Cycling App Strava for Riders

Strava – GPS Tracker For Recumbent Riders And Cyclists

This cycling app also has a GPS feature that allows you to track your ride. Similar to the Map My Ride app you can also take the data that you collect with this app and upload it to your online profile.

Strava also allows you to track your speed during your ride, working as an odometer for your trike. In addition to mapping your ride and tracking your speed, it also keeps track of the exact distance and time you took to complete your ride.

After your ride is complete you can even view further stats such as calories burned and elevation ridden Moreover, you can even check whether you have set a new record on any of the numerous Strava segments.

Download Strava on the App Store for iOS

Download Strava on Google App for Android

These are just a handful of the numerous apps that are out there for cyclists to enjoy. If you have a favorite app that you use while riding your recumbent trike, please visit our Facebook page and share it with all of our fans! We love when trike riders come together to help each other have the best riding experience possible!

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