Top Smartphone Apps For Cyclists And Trike Riders

Top Smartphone Apps For Cyclists And Trike Riders

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Top Smartphone Apps for Cyclists and Trike Riders

If you’re a tech geek like us, you’re likely looking for the latest apps. Here we look at the top Smartphone apps for cyclists and trike riders.


If you trike with a group of friends, Strava makes it easy to keep up with each other. The app allows you to record and upload your rides without needing one app as a GPS and another for social sharing. You can also rank your times based on your group’s favorite trails and share the GPS map so your buddies can try out the same experiences. Known as segments, the trails can also be tracked in real-time with speeds, so you know how well you’re performing on more challenging legs of the trail. You can follow fellow trikers, keep up with their rides, and even comment and congratulate friends on their accomplishments.



This does precisely what it says, allowing you to map and track routes. It also provides monitoring for things like nutrition and weight. If you pay to go up a level, you can also create training plans and enjoy things like live tracking you can share. This app does have ads unless you go with the premium version.



Another route-planning and navigation app, Bikemap’s real-time updates are a great tool to share alerts with fellow Bikemap users like flooded-out trails. This is kind of cool, especially for urban riders who are more likely to encounter daily issues like traffic jams, closed roads, construction, etc. You can access an archive of user-generated routes shared by seven million users, so you're bound to find some in your neck of the woods. The free app can be upgraded to premium to access 3D views of your planned routes which are also kind of cool.


Google Maps

While this might seem like a big yawn, the combination of Google Search and maps makes it a great tool. If you want to find a place for coffee or a smoothie when visiting uncharted territory, this is the quickest and easiest tool to use. It can also show you the most bike-friendly routes to get there from your current location.



We can’t deny Google Maps reigns supreme, but Komoot is helpful too. It uses the OpenStreetMap database to help you plan your rides, whether you’re traveling by road, commuting, or hitting offroad trails. Komoot is all about the most efficient route, not just based on your location but also your fitness level and the condition of the route. In fact, it ranks routes based on difficulty and fitness levels and tells you the types of road surfaces you’ll encounter. If you choose a route. it will also provide speeds, travel distances and how much further you have to go. Local recommendations are provided by Komoot ambassadors.


Ride with GPS

This is a very user-friendly interface designed to record trips with a tap. If you tend to travel off the grid, the app also works offline. You’ll also benefit from elevation profiles so you can predict major hills. Rides are shared in real-time. If you’re interested in comments, the app will read them aloud as you ride. Since it’s in real-time, it’s great motivation to keep going on difficult rides. The free app is good enough, but you can opt for the basic subscription if you’re interested in live logging or publishing ride reports.


Wahoo Fitness

Moving on to fitness apps, Wahoo is all about integration and data. It is compatible with things like Bluetooth sensors, heart-rate monitors, speed sensors, etc. and sharable with apps like Strava, MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal. It also provides eight pages of data with categories that include speed, power, and heart rate. Of course, it also includes a GPS map, but just be aware it will drain your battery juice fast.  



If your ride is all about fitness and personal bests, TrainingPeaks offers comprehensive training plans backed by metrics. It’s also the app of choice for cycling coaches. If you are a high-performance athlete who loves to eat up data and track your performance, you’ll love this app. You’ll be right on top of your fitness and fatigue levels. However, this app is all about you, so if you want a social aspect to the app, you’ll need to look elsewhere.



Cyclemeter is along the lines of Wahoo Fitness but is more customizable. It also provides post-ride analysis with data stored on your smartphone. It is integrated with Google Maps, and as you ride, you can use your iPhone earphone remote button to start and stop rides. It works with other apps like Strava, Facebook, Twitter (if it’s still around!), etc., so you can import and export routes.


Elite HRV

If you want to keep challenging yourself without killing yourself, this app tells you when you have reached the level to ramp it up. It tracks your heart rate variability (HRV) and provides data with markers so you understand your recovery times. You can then determine when you are ready to manage a more challenging training load. It runs with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and offers free unlimited data storage. You can tag notes so you have more details about your experience, such as stress levels or mood, keeping your performance in context. The longer you use it, the better the insights.



If you use a trainer for your trike, Wahoo SYSTM is an indoor training app providing simulations of real-world climbs. It’s not a virtual world per se, but it provides simulations of pro-race finales or ride along real-world roads through videos. You can also pick and choose workouts with some outdoor options.



The real deal for indoor riding, Zwift works with an internet connection and a collection of virtual roads you can ride or race with Zwift users. It is also an efficient training tool with workouts and training plans, but the true focus is social interaction.



Augmented reality and route videos offer a very real-life experience. Actual road and elevation data enhance video recordings by taking elevations into consideration, so you feel like you’re actually there.

These apps offer something for any type of rider, whether you love a leisurely ride in unfamiliar towns, want to beat local traffic for your commute, or are seriously training and challenging your fitness levels.

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