Why a Recumbent Trike in 2022?

Why a Recumbent Trike in 2022?

Why a Recumbent Trike in 2022?


For one reason or another, traditional bicycles may just not be working for you anymore. Recumbent trikes offer cycling with comfort and ease while maintaining stability and often remedying your pain points. Our belief is that three wheels are better than two!

Video Transcript:

Laid Back Mickey here and today we are going to go over why a recumbent trike is right for you. We will also answer the question: Why do you want one?

Why should you get a three-wheel bike over a two-wheel bike? Many people you know love their two-wheel bikes. I even loved my two-wheel bike. However, the challenge is that sometimes in life you may find out that a two-wheel isn't working for you anymore. There are many reasons as to why the two-wheel doesn’t work for you. For me, it was the leaning over part that eventually started to hurt my back. I would also mountain bike a lot and even owned mountain bike shops in the 90’s. Because of the mountain biking, my wrists began to hurt because of all the pressure I placed on them. So, leaning over and having the neck in an unnatural position made it difficult to mountain bike. And so, with the trike you’re leaned back and you're in a laid-back position. You're laid-back in a reclined seat and so it takes away those pressure points that normally you would have on a regular two-wheel bike.

As I am standing up right now, all the pressure is going down through my spine, through my hips, down through my knees, and on my ankles all the way to my toes. If you have bad knees, maybe you're putting a lot of pressure downward on them when you ride a two-wheeler. Compare that to a trike, and now those knees come up and it is like they are like floating out in the air. It’s a lot more comfortable. And a lot of people as they get older, including myself, know that balance is not there the same way it used to be. Simple tasks like stepping over a bike frame is not as easy anymore. Or even coming to a stop is challenging. With my bad back issues, I’ll get a pinch and then when I come down it'll want to throw me down to the ground. So, having three-wheels is better than the two-wheels and the stability challenges that a two-wheeler can bring.

Now I have a lot of people asking whether or not trikes are comfortable. The answer to that is yes! If you like recliners, like lazy boy chairs, then they're super comfortable. I always say that trikes are lazy boy chairs with wheels. They're comfortable, stable, and you can get them in all the cool models they have to offer.

Just like road bikes you also have your road trikes that are fast, low to the ground, and you can keep up the speed. You also have your mountain bikes with the handlebars like this, which is similar to the one I have behind me, and that's a different grip style so you can grip horizontally or vertically. They also have the road bike style or off-road style. You could even have your cruising around the town trike that comes with eight gears versus thirty. Some people like the big thing right now, which is the electric bike. There’re electric mountain bikes, electric hybrid bikes, and you can get those same styles in a trike. Basically, everything you can get in the bike world you can also get in the trike world, but now you're more stable and more comfortable.

When a customer comes into our shop the first thing we ask is: Why a recumbent trike over a two-wheeled bike? We ask this because if I could ride some of my two-wheel bikes, such as my fast carbon fiber road one or my full suspension off-road mountain bike going single track, I still would. But there's a reason why a recumbent trike would work better for you today. If you want some help figuring out what trike is going to work for you then give us a call or send us an email and we'll help you sort through the 30-40 different models out there. It usually comes down to road bike, mountain bike, or the hybrid cruiser. But we can help you narrow it down and help you figure out why a recumbent trike is right for you and which one will work out best for you.

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