Recumbent trike accessories including a Catrike headrest, TerraTrike seat pad, and ICE Sprint

Trike Accessories

Whether you are casually riding your trike around town or traveling long distances with your trike, having the right recumbent gear along for the ride can make all the difference in a safe and comfortable ride.



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ICE Protection Cover for All Mesh Seats
Sale price$49.99

This protection cover helps keep the seat dry and clean when you are away from the trike, is UV resistant.

ICE Rear Derailleur Hanger (2010 and Later)
Sale price$39.99

Rear Derailleur Hanger for 2010 and later Rear derailleur hanger for all Sprint, Sprint X, Adventure, Adventure HD, Vortex, VTX and Full Fat trikes.

ICE Rear Fender/Mudguard 26"
Sale price$69.99

For those who would like to prevent spray from the rear wheel getting onto other riders following close behind we offer this full wrap mudguard.

ICE Seat Rail Light Mount
Sale price$59.99

The Seat Rail Light Mount clamps to the back of the seat and offers a short upright section of tube which allows the mounting of any clamp on accessory which is designed for the seat post of an upright bike.

Sold out
ICE - Wrist Rest Straps
ICE Wrist Rest Straps
Sale price$39.99

Velcro support strap for the ICE wrist rest. Easy fit and remove, padded and comfortable support strap, gives extra wrist restraint and controls lateral movement.

Sold out
AirZound Safety Air Horn
Sale price$49.95

World’s loudest bike horn. Suitable for any mountain bike, hybrid bike, eBike, road bike or children’s bike, easily install the Airzound on any handlebar with 22-26mm diameter.

Sold out
ICE Chain Ring Guard
Sale price$139.99

The ICE Chain Ring Guard is an added safety feature but is also very good in preventing you from accidentally brushing against the oily chain rings and avoiding the tell-tale prints on your legs or trousers.

Sold out
ICE - Motor Bash Guard
ICE E-Motor Bash Guard
Sale price$70.00

Protective plate mounted under the motor to avoid any impact directly onto the motor body. Rugged off-road look.

The 9 Crucial Steps to Buying a Recumbent Trike That Most Bike Shops Won't Tell You


This Buying Guide Will Help You:

- Better understand the trike buying process
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More About Recumbent Trike Accessories

Choosing the right recumbent trike for you will make your riding sessions far more enjoyable but choosing the right accessories for recumbent trikes can take your experience to an entirely new level. There is a wide range of different trike accessories that can make your experience safer and more comfortable and make your trike easier to operate. The whole point of getting into the recumbent tricycle lifestyle is to be able to be out in the world experiencing life while being active and comfortable, and every recumbent trike accessory you use that makes that easier to accomplish is a wise investment.

Some of the most useful accessories for recumbent trikes include water bottle holders, safety flags, phone holders, front or rear light mounts, mirrors, speedometers, seat bags for tools and other items, or a trike rack so you can bring your trike along wherever you go. Recumbent trike accessories aren't mandatory, but as you can see, they can make your rides far more comfortable and enjoyable. You may decide on just one recumbent trike accessory when you first get started and then add as you go, or you may want to add a handful of recumbent trike accessories right from the get-go. The key is to choose accessories for recumbent trikes that are going to make your experience safer and more enjoyable, which is the whole point.

Older couple happily riding their recumbent trikes alongside the American River

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