Catrike Neck and Head rest displayed on trike
Catrike Neck and Head rest shown as adjustable on trike
Catrike Neck and Head rest shown as adjustable on trike
Catrike Neck and Head rest on trike wide view
Catrike Neck and Head rest alone
Catrike Neck and Head rest open brackets

Catrike Adjustable Neck/Head Rest

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The Catrike Adjustable Neck/Head Rest is a wonderful addition to a Catrike for comfort. Rest your head back and relax with this fully adjustable neck rest.

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Recumbent Trike Accessory

<li>Quick Release Adjustment</li>
<li>Comfortable Pad</li>
<li>Fits on Any Catrike</li>
<li>Rubber to Protect Frame Paint</li>

Effortlessly enhance your comfort while riding your Catrike with the Adjustable Neck/Head Rest. Relax and rest your head with this easily adjustable accessory. Perfect for long rides, bumpy roads, or any way you like to ride.


Note: Each accessory requires varying levels of installation - some as easy as connecting velcro, others requiring tools and adjustments. Accessories can be brand or model specific.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Perkins
Neck Support

This is an item that is a comfort on the bike trail. It gives you the option to rest you neck or lean forward off of it. You can rest while keeping watch up ahead on the trail.

Quick and accurate

Ordered a headrest for my 559. Order was processed quickly and had it on the bike a couple days later.

Adjustable head rest

Solid piece, easy to adjust, and light weight. However the head rest is a little bit small for me. I modified and added a new bigger head rest, 1" each on each end.

Pamela Singer
New catlike neck/head rest

Hi - I really like that the new neck rest has a better height adjustment lever. My difficulty is with the angle of the neck pad. I had installed Utah Trikes’ extension kit to turn my 2010 Catrike Speed into a trike with a larger 26” rear wheel, which has given me a bit more speed with those 16” front tires. Since doing so, I am having difficulty having the right angle for my neck rest. The angle I most prefer causes the stationary bar on the rest press against the tire. Ive adjusted the height a bit and angled the base of the rest as far forward toward me as I can, which keeps the bar off my rear tire. However, the headrest is not as comfortable and I have to sit up higher to use it effectively. I wish there was a way to get the base of the neck rest off the rear bar to give me more wiggle room to angle the neck rest for my comfort. My entire cervical spine is fused from C2-C7. In addition, my lumbar spine is fused from C4-7. Any suggestions?

Hi Pamela, glad to hear you like the new neck rest. I understand you are having fitting issues since your rear wheel was changed to a larger size. Please send photos to and we would love to give suggestions on potential solutions to make the neck rest fit you even better!

Older couple happily riding their recumbent trikes alongside the American River

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