Laid Back Cycles in the news on Good Day Sacramento

Laid Back Cycles In The News

Sacramento California Recumbent Trike dealer, Laid Back Cycles was featured prominently in the Sacramento Bee Newspaper Sunday. Laid Back Cycles owner Mickey O’Brien was at the California state fair this week and the article was about his appearance there and the rising popularity of recumbent Trikes. Tricycles are for tots, right? Fair Oaks businessman Mickey O’Brien is betting that’s not the case.

If you’re a baby boomer with health issues, O’Brien predicts that your three-wheeling days may soon return. O’Brien opened Laid Back Cycles in Fair Oaks a year and a half ago to catch a ride on what he sees as an upcoming trend: more boomers buying recumbent tricycles when their backs, shoulders or wrists can no longer handle the stress or balancing requirements of upright road bikes.

You can read the entire article by clicking here. Also, check out this video:



Recumbent riders

Those Who Ride Together Get Healthy Together..

Have had my Rambler Base since Feb. 2012, lost 25 lbs. Have about 500 miles of local daily riding in Vacaville with Brother in law. Found alot of cool places.

Everyday we get stopped and asked if we made the Trikes and people are shocked to find out that they can be bought, so we give them a Laidback cycles business card.

We send everyone to Laidback because Mickey is extremely efficient and is customer minded. Mickey makes sure the customer is completely satisfied. Been a while since we have seen him, have to make a trip up, then ride the American bike trail.


Trike riderOn The Road Again…

Jerry and I, 76 and 72, have been riding bikes for decades. Then recently, progressively, with not yet confirmed Parkinson’s diagnosis, I got to dread getting on my bike, getting off of it, feeling like I was like an accident waiting to happen. Finally, sadly, I parked my bike on a trainer at home. But Jerry said “No way, we are not gonna quit”!

He was talking recumbent. I did not think much of the idea. Right, I could see this aging lady, somewhat round and getting clumsy, reclining along the road in the sun like a sea otter on the surf. Not cool! But Jerry said “We’ll just go look”. I got on-line, found Laid Back Cycles practically at our door step, we went to “look” and the rest is history!

We are…..on the road again…… Jerry with a lighter pocketbook and I with a big smile on my face, all fears gone! Thanks Mickey!


Bev recumbent rider's trike story

Starting a New Adventure…

Thanks, Mickey for your great work. I love my new TerraTrike! I rode 114 miles over Fri and Sat in the Agony Ride fundraiser. You were awesome to stay over so late to get the trike all put together for me and I sure appreciate it. I am sending several people your way. We had 107 riders but I was the only recumbent so it brought much attention and many asking where I got it. I wore my Laid Back Cycle T shirt to the ride.




Willie and Freckles on TerraTrike