10 Reasons Recumbent Trikes Are Becoming Popular

10 Reasons Recumbent Trikes Are Becoming Popular

Why Recumbent Trikes Are Becoming So Popular?

Top 10 Reasons Making The Recumbent Trikes Popular Across The World

  1. Trikes combine the comfort, efficiency and stability.
  2. Recumbent trikes meets the needs of recreational riders wanting to ride in comfort, high performance for the enthusiasts, and is perfect for many riders with special needs.
  3. There is no learning curve on a trike, just sit down in the laid back seat, pedal and ride.
  4. No longer do people with balance problems have to settle for heavy, slow trikes that aren’t much good for anything but an occasional ride around the block.
  5. If you are looking for fun, adventure, getting fit and better health, then a trike can provide all of those, it’s just missing you.
  6. Advantages to hill climbing with a recumbent trike are: you can take it slow and easy without worrying about falling over. On a trike, you can use lower gears and go as slow as you like with complete stability.
  7. It’s easy to maintain control on soft, mushy shoulders due to the stability of three wheels.
  8. Recumbent tadpole tricycles such as Greenspeed and TerraTrike are aerodynamic, light and offer a full range of gearing.
  9. Transporting trikes is becoming easier with folding trikes and with more carrier options coming available as trikes are becoming more popular.
  10. You can also find a full line of accessories for trikes such as bags, mirrors, computers, lights, safety flags, fenders and more.

These new generation of trikes are cool to ride! When people ride them for the first time it’s inevitably a big grin begins to form. The first thing to do when looking for a trike is to find a local dealer that offers the best recumbent trikes. I recommend either Greenspeed – the god-father of recumbent trikes, or TerraTrike – the dominant driving force in the modern day trike.

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