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Recumbent trikes are easy to ride and provide more comfort and stability than you get with a traditional bicycle. Ride recumbent trikes in your neighborhood, city roads, paved bike trails, and some gravel or wood-chip trails.

We are the largest Terratrike dealer in the World and Top Catrike, Greenspeed and ICE Trikes Dealer in California. We offer test rides from several different manufacturers, and if you are too far away from any shops stocking a variety of trikes our professional staff can help you pick one out and ship it to you fully fitted and assembled.

Riding a recumbent trike can significantly contribute to your health, improving cardiovascular fitness, improving brain function, and helping you maintain a healthy body weight.

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Live life to the fullest

Our trikes are specifically designed to give you the freedom to enjoy a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Buying a recumbent trike can be a big decision. We understand that, and so every Laid Back Cycles trike comes with a 10-day trial period. We offer free test rides as well as deliver fully assembled trikes throughout California.

We have worked with thousands of clients just like you and we have the right trike for you. Take it for a ride around the block or up that hill, and if you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back or exchange it for another.

You can pick up your new trike in our store or we can deliver fully assembled trikes throughout California!

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Terratrike Gran Tourismo

TerraTrike Gran Tourismo

Terratrike Gran Tourismo is alluringly sophisticated with exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine.

With a nod to the original Tour, the GT is the culmination of over 20 years of continued innovation and customer feedback, resulting in the most comfortable and best handling TerraTrike to date.

Terratrike Tandem Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Tandem Pro

A tricycle built for two? You bet! The TerraTrike Tandem is a great solution for those looking to ride with a companion.

With superior stability compared to upright tandem bikes or recumbent tandem bikes, our trike allows for users of all levels and ages to enjoy a partnered ride.

Terratrike Sportster Recumbent Trikes

TerraTrike Sportster

The undisputed Ferrari of our lineup is the culmination of 20 years experience with trike design. If you are a trike enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to take a test ride on one of these. It accelerates faster, climbs better, and maintains high speeds easier than any trike we’ve ever ridden.

And trust us, we’ve ridden them all. This is the supercar of trikes, and a complete thrill to ride. With its “no compromise approach” to build quality, you can be confident you’re riding the best.

Terratrike Traveler Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Traveler

A trike anyone can take anywhere. The new Traveler is a folding trike designed to be compact and portable while retaining the quality and comfort that makes our trikes such a joy to ride.

In fact, the Traveler folds up small enough that we have fit two of them in the back of a sub-compact car with room to spare. Because of this there is no need for racks or mounts or large vehicles for transportation. It has been our most-anticipated new product, and it really is a game-changer.

Terratrike Rambler Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Rambler

Looking for a trike that combines the ease and luxury of the TerraTrike Rover with the option to go faster and farther? The Rambler is TerraTrike’s response to riders who liked the Rover but need more.

With upgradeable options, better handling and stability and 27 speeds, the lightweight Rambler offers a new crossbow design and breathable mesh seat that create a more serene riding experience.

TerraTrike Rover i8 Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Rover

This is a trike for the masses, and the masses demanded a no-nonsense, high quality ride. The Rover is designed with a higher seat for better visibility and saftey, a turning radius that is tighter than most uprights, and layman-friendly adjustments and assembly for easy transportation.

The Rover has revolutionized the triking industry and made it easier for people to enjoy the fun of riding in comfort. Use it for everyday commuting, riding around town, cruising the bike trails, or for a quick run to the coffee shop.

TerraTrike Rover Tandem Attachment w/ IPS

The Rover Tandem Kit quickly transforms your standard Rover into a Tricycle-built-for-two! Simply disconnect the rear section of your trike and add the new tandem frame extension in the middle, new included front chains and chain tubes, add the seat and handlebars and you are ready to ride!


Catrike Dumont

Catrike Dumont

Catrike Dumont Recumbent Trike is an all-new folding, fully suspended Catrike with a 26″ rear wheel. The silky-smooth riding characteristics and responsive handling, makes it perfect choice for any excursion

Ranging from Moon Rock Silver to Lava Red, Catrike Dumont is available in seven colors, including its signature Candy Purple.

Catrike 559 in Sacramento Recumbents store

Catrike 5.5.9

Introducing the innovative Catrike 5.5.9, a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Ranging from Atomic Orange to Electric Blue, Catrike 5.5.9 is available in seven colors, including its signature Atomic Orange.

Catrike 700 Recumbent Trike

Catrike 700

New Catrike 700 is designed to be fast and efficient. A low, aerodynamic body position and lightweight vertebrae-spaceframe puts the rider in perfect position to generate power and speed.

It is simple and thoughtfully designed, 700 is engineered to move.

Catrike Expedition Recumbent Trike

Catrike Expedition

Some trikes are made for adventure. The CatRike Expedition was created for long-distance riders looking for luxury. This model is specially made to carry all your cargo while providing a stylish ride for your high-speed voyage. An included neck rest helps to keep riders comfortable during their journey.

The Expedition is available in CarTrike’s seven color options, including the Expedition’s signature Lava Red.

Catrike Folding Trail Recumbent Trike


Catrike Folding Trail

All trikes are not created equal. Trail riders will love the comfort features – padded seat, padded wrist rests and ergonomic adjustable seat back – as well as the convenience the CatRike: Folding Trail offers.

Folding features make CatRike’s newest trike easy to store and transport while roller wheels allow it to be wheeled in a folded position.

Catrike Road Recumbent Trike

Catrike Road

With the Catrike Road, riders can have it all. From trail rides to long commutes, the Road is made to handle anything you throw at it. The truly versatile ride offers a triangular shape and premium air-shock suspension to accompany you on whatever venture you choose.

Fully equipped with CatRike’s signature features including a structural front boom, aluminum rod ends and multi-purpose clipless pedals.

Catrike Pocket

Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to the CatRike: Pocket, a small frame doesn’t mean small features. This lightweight trike offers a narrower track for a speedy ride along with CatRike signatures including a Mirrcycle rear view mirror, computer sensor mount and more.

This trike is perfect for smaller riders and comes in seven colors, including its signature Eon Green.

Catrike Villager Recumbent Trike

Catrike Villager

There truly is a trike for everyone. The easy-to-use CatRike: Villager is an adjustable, high-quality option fit for many different riders. Perhaps the perfect choice for older riders, it features a high seat that makes getting on and off the trike easier without compromising stability or comfort.

A rear fender, self-centering technology and a structural boom are just a few of CatRike’s signature features included in the Villager model.


Greenspeed Aero Trike

Greenspeed Aero

Greenspeed Aero has been designed to satisfy the “Need for Speed”. The design builds on the best features of previous GreenSpeed trikes, including the SLR race trike which has dominated Australian Pedal Prix racing for the last ten years.

Thus the Aero is a road version of the SLR, with more speed features to make it the fastest production trike in the world.

Greenspeed Magnum XL at LBC Sacramento

Greenspeed Magnum XL

Greenspeed Magnum XL is one of the most versatile trikes ever built. It is in use by riders from as small as 100 lbs to as large as 400 lbs. It will suit riders with an x-seam from 40 to 50 inches or from about 5’ 3” to 6’ 7” in height.

It is equally at home doing a transcontinental tour, as it is commuting, popping down to the milk bar to pick up some bread, or just exercising and having fun outdoors.

Greenspeed GT20 Trike

Greenspeed GT20

GT20 is a new Greenspeed trike which is exceptionally easy to ride. A carefully engineered, light weight frame, low rolling resistance tires, and an efficient drive train, give exceptional performance, which make this trike a real joy to ride, for commuting, touring or just exercising and having fun.

Introduced at the 2015 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati. Four trike riders claimed it was the best trike at the show, and the guy who bought the 1st prototype, claimed he could climb hills in two gears higher than he could on his other 4 trikes.

Greenspeed GT3 Recumbent Trike

Greenspeed GT3

The GT3 is a small trike with a big personality. Designed as an easily transportable trike so that you can fold it up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed, it’s quick fold is achieved with only a 6mm Allen key for the single seat bolt and one quick release for the frame hinge.

See how trike folds here.This trike is ideal for weekend riders, commuters or even assisted touring.

Greenspeed Magnum Recumbent Trike

Greenspeed Magnum

The Magnum is the 1st recumbent trike to have a seat which is adjustable for height. Plus it is adjustable for angle as well. The seat height is adjustable from 12” to 17” and both adjustments are with Quick Release levers. Thus the rider can choose the seat height to suit ease of entry and exit, the riding conditions, and personal preference – low for speed and high for visibility in traffic.

Some riders may find they need the seat high at first to help get them on and off the trike.

Greenspeed Hand Magnum Recumbent Trike

Greenspeed Hand Magnum

The Hand Magnum draws on over twenty years of development at Greenspeed, plus has a host of new features over previous Greenspeed Hand Cycles.

Right from the start we realized that unlike most bike riders, hand cycles riders were not normally able to get off their machines and push if the hills were too steep, so we added extra gearing systems which enables riders to climb mountains when they felt they needed the challenge. The Hand Magnum continues this theme by using three gearing systems.

Greenspeed Anura Delta Trike

Greenspeed Anura

The Greenspeed Anura is designed to be easy to ride. Rather than having a low seat like most tadpole trikes (2 wheels front, and 1 rear), and some deltas (1 wheel front, and two rear), the Anura seat is set at the same height as a kitchen chair, at 17 to 18” above the ground, plus there is no cross member or front axle in front of the seat, so mounting and dismounting is much easier.

The higher seat also gives more confidence in traffic, yet having the seat closer to the paired wheels than the single wheel gives more stability than expected.

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