3 New GreenSpeed Trikes 2019

3 New GreenSpeed Trikes Are Here

The Magnum BW (Big Wheel) has a 26” rear wheel which improves the look of the Magnum, and keeps the rear derailleur and chain higher for off road use. It has been available since June. The best news is that the price is only $3,490 USD. The 1st initial Magnum BW shipment has now landed, so if you are interested, please order online or call our store for more details.

  • Greater Stability with Big Wheels
  • Virtual Suspension for Comfort
  • Performance Efficient & Fast
  • Big Wheel and Gearing
  • Power Assist Option (See LBC350)
  • Superb Steering System
  • Strong, Light, Folding Frame


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The X7 Sports Trike is lightweight foldable trike with 30 speeds with 16” wheels which have both less inertia and lower rolling resistance than the traditional 20” inch wheels, giving both better acceleration and higher speeds with a 28/42/56 triple crankset. Unlike the Aero, but like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height.

These trikes are presently on the water, and will arrive in the USA and AU in September. Details to be on the web site shortly, and full information is available from GreenSpeed on request.


GreenSpeed X7 Sports Trike

The X7 is designed as a Sports Trike to fill the gap between our Aero Race Trike and our GT20 Light Touring Trike. While not as extreme as the very low, no compromise, Aero, it is faster, and has better handling and road holding, than the more upright GT20. Plus, unlike the Aero, it folds for transport. $3,490 USD.

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The GT20 – RS Trike is a GT20 trike with rear suspension. For the RS, the gear train has been upgraded from a 24 speed system to a 27 speed system. Like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height. And is available in red, blue, green, yellow and orange. $3,490 USD.

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