Affordable Recumbent Trikes in 2022

Affordable Recumbent Trikes in 2022

Affordable Recumbent Trikes in 2022


Video Transcript:

Over the last decade when we first started at Laid Back Cycles, we brought on a lot of different trike manufacturers. We found that if you go cheap, that's different than affordable. Cheap means it really doesn't function the way you were hoping it to function. There's a difference between cheap trikes and affordable trikes. Affordable trikes are good quality trikes that work well, work well for what you want to do, but they're not that expensive.

One of the number one brands out there is TerraTrike and they make affordable trikes. They make high-end trikes with some nice performance, but let's talk about affordability. TerraTrike was one of the first ones to come out with a trike under a thousand bucks - that was the TerraTrike Rover. It was a popular trike but it only had three speeds so they don't offer that anymore. But, they offer something with eight speeds and that's going to be the Maverick or even the Rambler. If you want no speeds you can go with the Rogue. They're all in that rambler frame style which is super comfortable, easy to ride, and is a nice cruise around trike. TerraTrike is one of the few manufacturers in the world that offers a lifetime warranty. That's for the first person that buys it for as long as they own it. If anything breaks on the frame, they will replace it. Parts are one year like everybody else. See for details. They believe in their product; they make a quality product.

I know that you've seen out there on videos trikes in the 5 grand, 8 grand, 15 grand range. TerraTrikes are affordable nice cruise around trikes. For under two grand, those are the models that I would look at when I'm looking for affordable trikes. Once you start to get into about 2,500 bucks, that's the beginning of a lot of trikes. You're getting a great quality trike with TerraTrike. You also can start getting into the Catrike Villager so now you have some different choices to really choose from.

Another way to afford a trike is financing. At Laid Back Cycles we offer up to 12 months of financing so you can take whatever that price is and then spread it across 12 equal payments. It makes it a little softer to chew or to digest, however you want to say that, and that's a great way to afford the trike that you love.  

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