Recumbent Trike VS Traditional Bike | Why Make the Switch?

Recumbent Trike VS Traditional Bike | Why Make the Switch?

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Video Transcript 

Laid Back Mickey here and today we're going over the difference between a recumbent trike and your regular everyday bike.

This is one of my favorite bikes that I used to ride for years. I got this back in ’95 and this bike I have over 30,000 miles on it. It's a great touring bike but after a while, time caught up with me and this bike didn't work for me anymore. It hurt my back and the balance issue kind of threw me off a little bit. I tried to do certain things to make it fit better. I put some riser bars on it, a riser neck, and I tried to make it fit my body, but it was still uncomfortable. I even put a squishy seat on it and that was uncomfortable after about five miles. As we get older our body doesn't work the same way and so if you go to put your leg up right on your bike it's a little harder. And when you go to stop and pull over and put your feet down you know it's more clunky. This thing was good to me and I loved it. But you know what, I think I’m done with the unstable and uncomfortable leaning over, hurting my wrists, and hurting my back bicycle. So, I got rid of that one. We'll put that one to the side because we don't need it anymore.

Now this is what I like. This is easy to get into, I can just step over and it's not as high as the bike. I could grab my handlebars, sit back in that nice cushy seat, and now I don't have to worry about balance. I come to a stop and I don't have to get off the trike. I could stay on my trike and I can just pedal with ease down the road. My hands no longer feel pressure and there's no pressure on my wrist. They just rest right here. My back feels comfy and if I want to, I can get a head rest and relax. Or even if I want to fall asleep, I could do that too. So, why is a trike to me better? Well, I don't have to worry about laying my trike down weirdly. It's always stable on three wheels, and it is comfortable, and I can just cruise around. That's why I believe you should get a trike over the old school bike. You've been good to me bike but I’m riding my trike. Peace, Laid Back Mickey out.

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