Electric Assist Recumbent Trike Available At LBC, Sacramento

I am happy to announce that Electric Assist Recumbent Trikes are now available at our trike store – Laid Back Cycles in Sacramento. Our Electric Trikes are fitted with BionX engines to enhance the entire riding experience of Recumbent riders.

Watch This Video To Learn How Electric Assist System Works For Recumbents

What Are Electric Trike Benefits?

You can ride an electric trike like a regular tricycle with more stability and less pain than a bicycle, but any time you need a boost—whether it’s up a hill or on the way to work—the Laid Back Cycles electric trike is there for you.

Our motorized trikes offer the option to get an electric assist while pedaling, or take a break from pedaling altogether while still making forward progress. Walk in for a demo at our Trike Shop or call us for more details.

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