New Greenspeed 2018 Lineup

New Greenspeed 2018 Lineup


Laid Back Cycles brings a 2018 lineup of Greenspeed trikes. These are tadpole trikes, which means two wheels at the front, while one at the back. We call them the Godfather of the modern day trikes. Ian Sims built his first recumbent trike in the year 1990 from metal scraps, which later took the shape of recumbent trike. The entire riders’ market took it with huge enthusiasm and it became a symbol of innovation, design, comfort and functionality.

Greenspeed Handcycle 2018

Greenspeed Hand Cycle 2018

Greenspeed Hand cycle is really cool because it is one of the few hand cycles that steers in a tadpole style. It makes it easy to turn this trike in a small radius. Another advantage with this hand cycles comes in its handy folding and wheel popup design.

The seat, hand bars and leg guards are easily adjustable for a comfortable ride. Its seat comes off easily to enable a better folding option. It is easily portable with most of the trike carriers available in the market.


Greenspeed Magnum XL 2018

The best part about Magnum XL is its wider seat. It is capable enough to offer a comfort seating position to all the riders irrespective of their weight and/or height. The boom of Magnum XL is fully adjustable.

Magnum XL is one of the most comfortable seat available in the market. You can ride this trike for touring or commuting on + off road adventures.

Greenspeed Magnum XL 2018
Greenspeed Magnum 2018

Greenspeed Magnum 2018

Greenspeed Magnum is the non-XL or regular version Magnum available for the riders who aren’t looking for extra large seat and/or boom. It has super comfortable seat with nice Aluminium frame.

Magnum is a folding trike, which means you can carry it in almost any vehicle quite easily. The handling of trike is really nice. It steers very well and hits bumps quite nicely. Magnum is best fit for everyday riders.

Greenspeed GT 26 2018

GT26 is a fast trike, which handles speed very well. You won’t face any trouble even going fast down the hill as it handles the corners nicely. It is one of the fastest Greenspeed trikes, although its not the Aero; which is the fastest trike in this segment by Greenspee.

GT26 is an amazing trike, but if you want something more compact then GT20 would be your best choice.

Greenspeed GT26 2018
Greenspeed GT20 2018 model

Greenspeed GT20 2018

GT20 is still the super sporty trike. Its 20” real wheel makes it more compact as compared to 26” wheel as in GT26. It is great for touring or cruising around. The seat is fully adjustable and you also get a head rest for that extra comfort.

GT aluminium frame makes it light weight, fast and handles the corners very well. It is super easy to transport. Take it anywhere you want.

Greenspeed Aero 2018

Aero is the fastest trike from Greenspeed and clearly the hero of 2018 trikes list. Aero’s wheels covers are made from carbon fibre. It gives it an aerodynamic design to fight the wind resistance. The frame is designed so that the wind can easily flow over it.

Aero is super laid back cycle. Aero is best for all those road riders who want to go fast, retaining a comfortable seating ergonomics. Greenspeed Aero is the need for speed trike.

Greenspeed Aero 2018

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