NEW Catrike EOLA First Look … Trike News Fix


Catrike is launching a entirely new recumbent trike for 2019… Its the Catrike EOLA. I asked what Eola means when I was at the Interbike show and Catrike said it was a homage to Lake Eola in Orlando Florida where Catrikes are made.

The Eola is simple and refined, it has a single shifter with a 11 speed cassette to capture the full gear range without allot of shifting. The one piece frame is not for everyone (Check out the Villager for a seat that adjusts) but it is comfortable for most.

Once you sit in the trike you will know instantly if it is for you. I’ve been riding the Catrike Dumont for over a year and love it. If you are looking for a trike to compare, check out the Terratrike Gran Tourismo x16, which is in the same price range (around $2k) but more adjustable. Watch for our complete EOLA Review with test ride coming soon.

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