NEW! TerraTrike Padded Seat Cushion

The new TerraTrike seat cushion pretty awesome, it is super comfy and can go on pretty much any Terratrike you have. They can go on your Rambler, All-Terrain, Traveler, Gran Tourismo, Sportster and they even make a wider one which goes on the Rovers that have a wide seat.

The Seat Pad is a thick cover that adds comfort and cushioning to your existing TerraTrike seat. The Seat Pad covers the entire seat. It slips over the top and bottom ends of the seat, and secures in place with a wide Velcro strap that gives you a nice form-fitted seat cover to your seat.

• The Seat Pad provides a thick soft cushion for your existing TerraTrike seat
• Easy to install, the Seat Pad slips over the ends of the seat and secures with a Velcro strap
• Size: 1.5″ thick, 17.5″ wide, 31″ length
• The black breathable mesh wicks moisture
• The open cell foam core sections can be removed and the seat cleaned, if needed
• Black mesh, embroidered in two colors with the TerraTrike “TT” icon

On the back you have holes for your flag so your flag still can go in. You also have extra holes in the top so if you have the deluxe seat bag it will fit perfectly.

It comes in a nice little box that we can ship to you anywhere across the country. Order here.

If you live near our shop feel free to drop by and pick one up at Laid Back Cycles. The new seat pad is pretty awesome. Check it out if you want extra comfort on your tushie, back or spine.

If you have a wide seat Rover Order Here 

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