2019 Holiday Sale

2019 Holiday Sale

From now until the end of the year, we’re having a Holiday sale.
Now is the chance for you to get some great deals.

Hurry before time runs out!


Get $200 of Catrikes in Limited Edition Elements Colors

  • Sky Blue
  • Fire Red
  • Storm Grey
  • Hyper Yellow

Includes all models except the Eola.

See Available Models

TerraTrike Gran Tourismo and EVO

TerraTrikes with e-assist transform the way you ride. It will also enhance your range by degrees of magnitude. Now, you can easily climb hills which were a daunting task previously. The lightweight Bosch mid-drive unit is strategically placed and the battery is frame mounted making the trike so well balanced you’ll forget it’s even there.

Choose the EVO or add the TerraTrike boost Kit to any Gran Tourismo and get FREE SHIPPING!

See Available EVO ModelsSee Available Gran Tourismo Models

SportsCrafters Roller Trainer

Sportcrafters Trike Trainer MR110The new MagTrainer from SportCrafters is the best way to train indoors. It is quieter than any traditional fan resistance trainer on the market. As the drum spins about the magnets built in to the rear roller, they create resistance through eddy currents. This provides just the right amount of resistance for training indoors while reading a good book or watching your favorite TV show!

Get $20 off!

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