Storage Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Storage Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

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Whether you only use your recumbent trike to get around town or love to challenge yourself on long-distance trails, having enough recumbent trike storage makes a world of difference. Proper storage allows you to plan for the worst while enjoying the best trips possible. Here we look at our storage accessory recommendations for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

The Flexible, Adaptable Trike Rack

No matter where you roam, the trike rack is the go-to storage accessory. The TerraTrike Low Rider Rack sits behind and below the seat, so you maintain that center of gravity that makes you feel safer nice and low to the ground. It works for storing your electric assist batteries but is also the perfect base for your bags. From picnics to long weekends and riding to work to grocery shopping, you can use the rack for all your trips. The rack can be adapted to various TerraTrike models using the required, suitable fit kit.

TerraTrike Low Rider Rack

The Basket for Around Town

If you’re out and about doing things like grocery shopping, the basket is your ideal storage companion. The Topeak MTX Rear Basket mounts to the rear rack with the MTX QuickTrack® system. It’s also perfect if you want to pack a lunch or snacks before hitting the local trails for a relaxing day of riding.

MTX Basket

Convenient Seat Bags

Worrying about losing or holding onto your essentials is a thing of the past when you have the right storage solution. Pop everything into a convenient seat bag and travel around with confidence. The TerraTrike Seat Bag is a perfect example of simple storage conveniently secured over the back or bottom of the seat. 

If you have to take the bag along with you when you arrive at your destination, it has handy handles. This particular bag has 187 cubic inches of storage, making it ideal for all kinds of essentials, including your emergency repair tool kit. Because of its position below the seat, you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way.

TerraTrike Seat Bag

Out of the Way Side Mounts

Side mounts make it easy to travel with one or two bags in tow. If you already use a seat bag, you can add to your load using side mounts on one or both sides. The ICE Side Bag Mount, for example, fits a standard bicycle handlebar bag. Because of the convenient location, you can access things like snacks or drinks without having to stop. Mounts can carry up to 8 pounds each.

ICE Side Bag Mount

Handy Pouch for Tools

Your essentials are good in your seat bag, but for tools you take along on every trip, we recommend a pouch. They are small enough to hold things in case of emergencies like your tool kit, pump, and spare inner tubes and keep out of the way behind your mesh seat. When you don’t plan to take the bag with you when you reach your destination, you really don’t need handles. It’s the affordable solution for your basic, carry-along tools.

Rackless Storage

If you don’t have a trike rack and frankly don’t want to buy one, Catrike 700 Arkel Bag Sets are ideal. Unfortunately, they only work with the Catrike 700, hence the name. If that’s your trike of choice, these sturdy bags come as a set and require no hardware. They are of sturdy design, including a high-density polyethylene stiffener. There is also a bag designed for the Catrike Expedition.

Catrike Arkel Bag

Two for the Road

If you’re looking for mega storage, there are two bags we recommend:

1. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP With Panniers

This is Topeak's largest MTX trunk bag measuring 14.1” x 9.8” x 8.5”-11.4. It is also the most weather resistant using rigid molded panels and flexible 600 denier fabric. Its divided main compartment has a two-stage expanding top and a yellow interior so you can see what you need easily. That’s a game changer for riders who have minimum vision issues. Side panels zip open into full panniers, which add to its massive storage space. It requires an MTX QuickTrack rack with attached side frames for installation. Other fun features include:

  • Clip for optional safety light
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • 3M Reflective Strip Carrying Handle
  • Shoulder Strap
Topeak Panniers

2. TerraTrike Stowaway Bag

Make the most of that unused space between the seat and rear wheel with this ginormous storage bag. The U-shape bag nestles behind the seat without interfering with your rear wheel. The location also helps you maintain more control as it adds to the trike’s balance. When paired with other bags or racks, you can really increase your storage capacity. However, this bag alone has a whopping 931 cubic inches of storage space. It opens up completely with zippered sides and also has removable partitions. Interior mesh pockets are great for finicky small things, and each feature makes it feel like it was customized for your needs. It works with the TerraTrike Low Rider Rack and the Commuter and Expedition Panniers. Other features of note include:

  • Secure velcro straps for mounting
  • Reflective strip for added visibility
TerraTrike Stowaway Bag

Convenient Cup Holders

You know how important it is to stay hydrated when out cycling. That means a cup holder is a must. The TerraTrike Bottle Pocket can be attached within arm’s reach and accommodates almost any size bottle or cup using a bottle retention cord. The strapping system is easy to attach, and it even includes reflective stripping for improved visibility. You can also use your basic Water Bottle Cage if you tend to travel with a regular bottle of water. Either way, be sure to keep water within reach, even when out for a short ride.

TerraTrike Bottle Pocket

From a cup holder for your beverage to a pouch for your tools and from a trike rack or basket to mega storage bags, the right storage for your trike keeps you prepared for whatever comes your way. For more information on recumbent trike storage, click here.

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