Comfort Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Comfort Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Comfort Accessories for Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes are designed for comfort. However, they might not be perfectly suited to your specific needs. The good news is you can customize your trike to bring it to the next level with easy-to-install comfort accessories. Here we look at some of the best options to optimize your ride for a more comfortable recumbent trike.

Comfy Headrests for Neck Support

Comfy headrests offer added neck support to help absorb shock. Some awesome choices include:

TerraTrike Headrest

Designed for all BUT the TerraTrike GTS and Spyder, the TerraTrike Headrest clamps to the exposed ribs of the seat frame for easy installation. It can be adjusted to suit your height with four settings. It offers an ultra-comfortable ride helping your neck absorb shock while deflecting moisture thanks to the closed-cell foam pad and Lycra cover.

TerraTrike Sport Touring Head Rest (For GTS And Spyder)

If you have a GTS or Spyder, don’t worry, TerraTrike’s got you covered. Designed for trikes using the TerraTrike Sport Touring Seat, you have the same features as above but with a gel pad that keeps you cool.

Catrike Adjustable Neck/Head Rest

This fully adjustable neck rest is a wonderful addition to Catrike trikes. You can find the perfect setting based on height and angle, making it easier to enjoy those longer rides without neck pain.

Greenspeed Magnum Headrest

Designed for the standard Greenspeed Magnum, this headrest clamps onto the seat cross brace. It adjusts to fore, aft and height, offering neck support cleverly designed to accommodate helmets.

Bump Up Your Seat with Seat Pads

Seat pads offer more cushion on your rides, making those longer trips more comfortable. Some excellent seat pads available include:

TerraTrike Seat Pad

Cover the entire seat with a pad that slips over the top and bottom ends of the seat. It stays nice and secure with a wide Velcro strap. You can choose between the standard pad for 16” seat frames or the wide pad for 18” seats. Enjoy the added pleasure of 1.5 inches of open-cell foam with a breathable mesh designed to wick away moisture.

Ventisit - Mesh Seat Pad

If you need ventilation, the open weave mesh on this seat pad keeps you cool even on the hottest days. It is also non-slip, so it grips to your seat to stay put.

Improve Ergonomics

What? You probably chose a recumbent trike because of its ergonomics. But no trike is perfect as they are built to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. You can improve ergonomics with a few comfort accessories, including:

TerraTrike Ultra Comfort Seat Wedge

The Comfort Seat Wedge is perfect if you want to reduce forward shifting. It creates a raised area when used at the front of the seat, making it feel like you’re riding in a bucket seat. It can also be used at the top for added support in the shoulder blade area.   

TerraTrike Lumbar Support Cushion

If you love your recumbent trike but still find you have back pain, this customizable Lumbar Support Set can be positioned to customize support. It has three removable foam inserts of varying thicknesses and shapes that allow you to position the cushions precisely where you need the most support. They come with a breathable mesh cover allowing you to place the support between the mesh and adjustment straps of the seat for a secure fit.

Increase Your Peddling Pleasure

If you feel your peddles aren’t doing it for you, you can use a variety of pedal comfort accessories. For example, Shimano Pedals are clip-ons that combine the efficiency of the SPD system and the convenience of a platform pedal. You can customize the entry and release tension settings to make peddling more comfortable. There are also heel supports like TerraTrike Pedals that offer a complete foot platform with a strong, comfortable fit with two oversized straps and stainless steel ringlets. They even have reflective strips to make you more visible at night. If you have trouble getting in and out of your trike, the counterbalance on the bottom keeps your pedals upright. They are also great for people with special needs or motor control issues.

Train at Home

The SportCrafters Roller is the only trainer designed specifically for trikes. Whether it’s a rainy day or you want to maintain your fitness level with some time at home, the OverDrive Trike Trainer is the answer. It automatically adjusts in resistance as you change speeds. ARC technology means no manual adjustment is necessary. You also increase resistance at higher speeds, so you get the same challenge as you would out on the road. If you want low to moderate resistance, you just turn the trainer around. Easy peasy.

Stay Dryer with Mud Guards

Nothing literally puts a damper on your ride like a face full of mud or dirty puddle water. With Catrike's fender set, you can guard yourself against mud and water spray to keep dryer and cleaner on the muddy trails.

Music and Communication

If you want to use your smartphone to listen to music and keep in contact, the XL Smartphone Holder is the answer. It creates an “Instant Bike Dashboard” so you can access your mobile device when you hit the trails. It offers handlebar and stem cap mounts, so your phone is in the ideal position. A built-in lock mechanism holds the phone securely in place. Rocky terrain is no problem, thanks to bumpers that reduce vibrations. You can even answer calls without stopping because your phone is always within arm’s length.

Reduce Wrist Pain

If you find your wrists feel tired or painful when out riding, ICE Wrist Rests offer comfortable wrist support. This is the perfect solution for riders with limited grip or strength. They are easy to install, as they just snap onto your handlebar. They are also suited for any trike with a vertical 22.2 mm ø handlebar size.

Don’t let discomfort interfere with your trike trips. Create a comfortable trike with these comfort accessories. For more information, click here.

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