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Luxury Sedan with Sports Car like Handling - Tourismo

A new recumbent from Terratrike, named as Gran Tourismo is available for trike riders at our LBC recumbent store in Sacramento. Gran Tourismo is designed with an alluring sophistication to deliver mind blowing performance as an ultimate touring machine.

Gran Tourismo is designed by incorporating the result of last 20 years Terratrike innovation and customers feedback over its original Tour trike. It is expected to be the most comfortable Terratrike launched till date to offer best handling on road experience.

Luxury Sedan With Handling Of Sports Car

Aesthetics and dynamics of this innovative GT is promoting an elegant design to give it a stunning sporty look. Gran Tourismo will be like riding a luxury sedan, without losing the handling like a sports car. All the credit goes to its excellent engineering design which has targeted the efficiency, beauty and comfort in the same dimension.

Tourismo comes with improved aerodynamics
Direct Steering in Tourismo makes handling easier

Improved Aerodynamics, More Strength

It comes with a Y-frame design to enhance its strength, and providing additional heel clearance to simplify getting in and out of it. Furthermore, its triangulated rear end improves pedaling efficiency, reduced pedal steer, improved aerodynamics structure and lower centre of gravity. The trike feels like sticking to the road even while driving it at higher speeds.

Another remarkable feature is a durable chro-moly steel frame to offer an increased level of comfort by providing a passive suspension. Seat mounting design is quite new in this Gran Tourismo, which adds rigidity for increasing its efficiency levels with each pedal stroke.

Gran Tourismo Comes With Direct Steering

Gran Tourismo also includes a direct steering over its steering stack to offer a responsive and predictable steering experience to its riders. You get 24” real wheel as a standard with this trike to support higher top-end speeds.

You feel your trike rolling smoothly over road bumps without losing the momentum. Aluminium seat frame, tie rod and handlebars power this trike’s strength, along with reducing its weight.

Most comfortable seats in Terratrike Grand Tourismo

Comfortable Seat, Improved Portability

You also get an extended seat frame with an upgraded seat mesh with Gran Tourismo. Terratrike claims it to be the most comfortable seat they have produced so far in any of their trikes.

The extra seat frame length is contoured to improve its support as well as comfort level. A zippered pocket at the rear is large enough to keep your keys, wallet or even mobile phones.

Portability has also been considered quite well with its innovative design. You can easily remove its front wheels because of its rapid axle design, seat by using that single seat bolt. Only a single hex key is required to remove any of these.

Gran Tourismo signature color sky blue and sparkle gold

Terratrike Grand Tourismo Price Starts $1999

Terratrike Gran Tourismo comes with stunning beautiful pain colors. Signature colors are Sky Blue and Sparkle Gold, along with the offering of some limited edition colors too.

You can use all of the Terratrike branded accessories with Gran Tourismo. Above all, it could be termed as the perfect trike for riders interested in cross-country adventure, leisure rides as well as for daily commute. Terratrike Grand Tourismo comes in two models. Tourismo X24 priced at $1999 and the Tourismo X30 priced at $2399.

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