Rambler E.V.O. – World’s First Recumbent Trike With Zero Resistance Pedaling

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Rambler E.V.O. – World’s First Recumbent Trike with Zero Resistance Pedaling
Rambler EVO will change the way you ride recumbents

The leading US recumbent trike manufacturer Terratrike has once again shook the entire recumbent trike industry. It has launched the first recumbent trike loaded with a 750W 5-phase motor to support zero resistance peddling system. Rambler E.V.O. (EVO is abbreviated for Electric Vehicle Option) is an innovative one of its kind, an electric assist recumbent trike, not only in US but across the world.

Terratrike joined hands with Falco eMotors around two years back to build this electric motor for them. The motor comes fitted into the rear wheel hub. The embedded torque sensor in the motor boosts your peddling experience to make it seamless and smoother.

“We’ve been working on this for over two years with the Falco team,” said Yonker, “and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The E.V.O. represents the next step for recumbents – getting our customers out for longer rides, taking the overall triking experience to a new level.”

“The beauty of this trike is that you simply turn it on and ride,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike. “We’ve figured out the ideal torque setting and assist level so that it’s very predictable and optimized for assistance and range – up to 60 miles on a charge. However, if you want to tweak the setup, the additional accessories will let you unlock even more capabilities.”

Change The Way You Ride Your Recumbent

Rambler E.V.O. offers zero resistance pedaling

Rambler E.V.O. is about to change the way you ride your trike by enhancing your power when you climb hills, or helps you roll smoothly down the terrains. E.V.O. is meant to support you although without denying you any cardio advantages of riding trikes. The mechanism understands your assistance need level by using some sensors and adjusts the motor accordingly.

Riding a Rambler E.V.O. is just about switching on the battery and start rolling. E.V.O. runs around 60 miles on every single charge. Moreover, you get a smart motor charger which keeps the battery safe by avoiding overcharging situations. It also comes as a plug and play system, switch it on and start enjoying your trike.

Low, Medium And High Assist Levels Equipped Electric Vehicle Option

You also get a choice to select any of the three assist levels. You can select low assist, medium assist or high assist depending on your ride support needs.

Furthermore, you can switch to any of the three regenerative modes for keeping the battery on charge mode while going on long trike trails.

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Rambler E.V.O. Accessories Enhances Your Overall Trike Riding Experience

Three Assist Levels - Low, Medium and High

Many innovative accessories are also available for this Terratrike make and model. Some innovative motor control accessories for Rambler E.V.O. are Wired Plus Minus (WPM), Wired Console and Wireless Console with Plus Minus.

You can even add a reverse gear with the optional WPM. The top speed of Rambler E.V.O. is 20 mph in forward mode while 2 mph in reverse mode. You also get a crawl feature (first in the industry) with WPM to get help while starting your Rambler E.V.O. from a stop position.

Order Rambler E.V.O. At Your Nearest Terratrike Dealer

The most characteristic feature of Rambler E.V.O. is its sensors. You get the assistance you need automatically as this trike’s sensor senses your pedalling needs. Console and Throttle are two other accessories to consider for this trike.

This innovative recumbent trike comes in bold electric yellow color with black paint finish. You can pre-order Rambler E.V.O. at an introductory price of $2999 from your nearest Terratrike authorized dealer.

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